Biopsies: My Triple Whammy in February and the Dual Layers of Perspective

Biopsies: My Triple Whammy in February and the Dual Layers of Perspective

February proved to be an interesting month in my ongoing unfoldment of the unknowns involved with being in human form coupled with the exhilaration of the abundant, exquisite opportunities for my soul to grow and expand.

It is now my entrenched vantage point that everything experienced in the human body has this infinitely valuable double layer that occurs simultaneously with what most view as the only reality.

For me now, with all experiences, whether they be what many deem good or bad, joyous or challenging, I am keenly aware of both the top layer—the physical experience and all that it entails including sometimes fear and pain AND the underlying, energetic soul layer, the larger perspective which holds the keys to powerful transformation, our primary purpose for being in a body at all.

So now that a snippet of Annie perspective has been shared, I'll get to the juice of my little story as that probably holds the most interest for people.

After my back surgery in late October, I decided to move to a more balanced approach to medicine. While my great love over the past twenty years has been the second juicy layer of root cause and metaphor described above, I intuitively felt that perhaps I should also begin to focus on the physical layer a bit more, being 4o and all.

This conscious thought process led me to make a slew of allopathic appointments during the same week in late January that included: the dermatologist, the eye doctor, the gynecologist and the radiologist for a mammogram.

I surprised even myself by my willingness to trot to these traditional medical practices day after day with an upbeat click in my step. Well, it turned out to be a few more steps than I realized it would be going in...

In the derm's office, at the last minute, I remembered to ask her to look at a mole on my upper back thigh that quite frankly rarely sees the sun—I thought nothing of it due to its location and my olive complexion. She didn't like the looks of it, and it was promptly removed leaving a few stitches, and then Biopsy Wait #1.

A few days later on the morning of my afternoon mammogram, the derm calls to say that unfortunately the mole tested as a stage 1 malignant melanoma, and that I needed to remove further tissue.

I was surprised, but calm, as a few hours later I walked to the hospital to receive my mammogram and ultrasound (ordered by my gyno) just to be on the safe side.

Little did I know, I was in store for Biopsy Wait #2 when they indeed found a mass in my right breast. This one took almost a full week from beginning to end, when it was discovered with a sense of relief, that the mass was a benign fibro adenoma.

A few days after that it was on to a surgical dermatologist to remove more tissue in my leg—a lot more as it turns out to the tune of 13 stitcheroos—and then Biopsy Wait #3.

Again, the waiting game for a bit, and then the call on Valentine's Day that I was all clear and simply needed to visit the dermatologist every three months for two years. Even I had to smile at that one as apparently my re-entrance into a more balanced traditional/holistic approach was to be more fast and furious than I had anticipated.

I share my personal story here for a few reasons.

For those of you only focused on the top layer of physicality, I encourage you also to explore the deliciously textured interior layer that lies beneath all life experiences, including physical ailments. It is rich with possibility to come to know your own soul more deeply, open the heart and widen perspective.

And for those of you who have moved full-on into the energy medicine realm, make sure that it is not to the exclusion of the physical. It is 2012 after all, and while many are awakening to conscious spirit-embodiment, the nature of these times still requires great attentiveness to the top layer of physicality.

Finally, I thank you for listening to one of my stories.

If we choose to take on a physical body in this beautiful space time reality, which quite obviously we all have, there will be challenges, often lots of them, no exceptions. We can either open, grow and share from them or we can close, shrink and harden.

It has been my experience that the challenges offer tremendous opportunities to transform from the inside out, if allowed. Once this is understood, the double layer of each challenge can be felt, as the human fear of death and the soul enthusiasm for evolution actually share the same space.

I wish you all peace in your perspectives as you ride the glorious waves of conscious spirit-embodiment...

And as for me, I will wear my two new two-inch plus scars from the past four months loud and proud:)


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    Great article Annie!! A reminder that Source is EVERYWHERE! Even in medicine! ♥

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