Chicago Beating: No Longer New Age, but Necessary!

Chicago Beating: No Longer New Age, but Necessary!

In the news this morning is a video first aired on Youtube of six teens beating another youth for shoes, a jacket and money while shouting racial slurs. The scene is shocking, haunting and all too familiar, not just in America, but around the world.

I am certain that this most recent spate of youth violence will create an uproar over what we can do to make our streets safer and create peace in our world. Unfortunately, if we keep looking to the same outworn solutions to our problems of today, we will once again come up empty-hearted.

More police on the streets, an anti-violent video game pronouncement and longer hours in school may hold back the external outcry for a while, but ultimately do nothing to breakdown the anger, disillusionment, desperation and outright loss of human feeling that we see all around the globe today.

It is time that we as a WORLD see the truth that our outer problems are a result of a lack of inner awareness about who we really are as highly powerful energy beings—souls that are to the divine whole as the wave is to the ocean—inseparable despite individuation.

I am not referring to eternal beings that have one short lifetime, a mere blip in time, and then rest in a heaven up in the sky somewhere. I am talking about a deepened understanding that we are literally active participants in an energy field almost unimaginable to the human mind, yet one that can be experienced as a felt reality throughout the body.

I am referring to our connection to one another that ultimately has nothing to do with time and space.

I am referring to the responsibility that comes with the self-realization that every thought, word and deed matters on a multitude of levels in terms of both the individual and collective earthly experience AND the very expansion of the divine whole.

Finally, I am referring to the liberation and felt ecstasy that occurs when you feel the truth of who you really are as a most magnificent aspect of the energy field that not only holds all things, but IS all things, also known as GOD.

This awakening that is rippling through the hearts of so many human beings across continents is still not accepted by many in the mainstream and is often touted as New Age by the media.

This label, like any other, really diminishes the message of individuals who just may have a lot to share when it comes to creating a world where peace and harmony must first begin through the personal growth and expanded heart of each individual, and then emanate outward into choices and behaviors. Think Dr. Martin Luther King and more!

I was on a local radio show recently, and the minute I began speaking in terms of Soul to Soul and energy, the host quickly dismissed me as New Age. Now I can joke about myself as much as any other, and I am not afraid to admit that you bet I am a JOYfully deep and metaphysical gal, but in 2012 it might do us all well not to deem another's ideas of a means to greater love, tolerance and peace as "out there."

I can't tell you the number of times I have heard after giving a talk that while my message gave them goosebumps, brought tears to their eyes, and ignited a feeling of inner joy, the schools and PTAs and public forums are simply not ready for this kind of Soul to Soul Message. Really?

Take a look at the video (Google Chicago Beating as I do not want it in my post) and feel your own truth about it. Ask yourself, do we need a NEW AGE?

I am not talking about the kind of new age that most people immediately think of that conjures up visions of peace signs, crystals and rainbows.

I am talking about an interior shift in consciousness—one that, frankly, would never need laws to deter the beating, raping or killing of another most glorious eternal being just like oneself.

Enough is Enough!

The anger and violence and greed in our society is not an economic, a religious or a political problem. It's a spiritual problem that is then reflected back to us in each of those areas and more.

The question is what are WE going to do about it?

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