A Self-Love Kit: 17 Points to Assist in Depression/Mental Health

A Self-Love Kit: 17 Points to Assist in Depression/Mental Health

Mental health is such an important topic in these times as culturally we face a worldwide epidemic of difficult human issues such as bullying, disempowerment and anger often with a root cause of  the stigmatized disease of depression.

While not necessarily a cure-all to what ails so many in our society, if we truly desire to grow and expand our world, we must first grow and expand ourselves through the self-discovery of an inner glow and flow that radiates outward into all that we feel, think, say and do.

As this understanding of inside first, outer second, as well as being first, doing second takes hold more and more in our mainstream culture we will see great changes in our world.

In order to assist other families—I say families rather than individuals because it is my hope that we begin to view families of all shapes and sizes as the perfect vortex for sharing the fruits of self-exploration—I have created the initial framework for a SELF-LOVE Kit.

I encourage parents and children alike to work with these offerings—discuss them, dissect them, collage them, journal them, draw them, express them and create soul reminders (visual cues) with them.

These starting points can be either a powerful beginning or an exciting expansion of deepened inner alignment within the home depending on where each family is with their unfolding conscious spirit-embodiment.

I encourage parents to become the spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. Our children are ready. A yearning for soul depth literally pulsates behind the eyes of our young today, but they need guidance to remember and allow their personal soul truth rather than conform to the dictates of others.

It is time that we assumed a greater responsibility for reminding our children the truth of their divine nature and all that this glorious heritage opens up for them. There is no one else to do it.

The time is now for parents to model self-realization through their own self-exploration and invite the innate inner fire that lives within our children to burst forth.

I hope the following SELF-LOVE points assist all families to shine their individual lights more brightly, for the world is indeed waiting…

SELF-LOVE Is… Experiencing a greater intimacy with our own soul through inner work, emotional excavation, stillness, presence and joy.

SELF-LOVE Is… Understanding that we are, first and foremost, powerful, creative, divine, limitless, formless, eternal and infinite spiritual beings who co-create reality with the Universe according to our vibration—energetic frequency related to all that we think, say, do, believe and feel.

SELF-LOVE Is... Accepting, claiming and celebrating the divine paradox that is life—the nature of reality is actually and/both rather than either/or—and the peace that can be found as we rest within the paradox instead of resist it.

SELF-LOVE Is… Understanding that our truth is personal, powerful, and unique to us, as there are an infinite number of streams that ultimately lead to the glorious sea of self-realization.

SELF-LOVE Is… Feeling our way through our soul rather than solely thinking our way through our mind when it comes to making a simple decision or choosing a life path, allowing our spirit to captain the ship.

SELF-LOVE Is… Factoring ourselves in at all times no matter what the circumstance so that we may always live true and offer our highest truth to the world at large.

SELF-LOVE Is… Embracing our humanity by tenderly and lovingly acknowledging, accepting, and appreciating all universal human experiences as what it means to become consciously spirit-embodied by becoming a witness to our story rather than the story itself.

SELF-LOVE Is… Making our overall well-being—emotional, physical, mental and spiritual— the TOP priority in each and every choice due to the deep understanding that everything in our reality stems from it.

SELF-LOVE Is… Consistently making conscious choices that reflect our truth not the truth of another, without apology.

SELF-LOVE Is… Trusting ourselves to know what truly resonates for us in all life experiences, while simultaneously blessing all else that doesn’t resonate as part of the Oneness and leaving it for others who are a vibrational match to it.

SELF-LOVE Is… Understanding that our internal perspective creates our external experience not the other way around.

SELF-LOVE Is… Allowing ourselves to flow naturally with life by surrendering to what is so rather than succumbing to the belief that life should be showing up as something different.

SELF-LOVE Is… Allowing direct divine connection in everyday reality by opening up our unique channels to Spirit through authentic living.

SELF-LOVE Is… Doing the necessary uncovering of old beliefs and patterns through a variety of self-exploratory means to fully know, embrace and unconditionally love the Man in the Mirror so that wholeness may be felt deep within and expressed in physical reality.

SELF-LOVE Is… Allowing our soul purpose (dharma) to emerge in a way that feels good to us without any resistance or reliance on the approval of others.

SELF-LOVE Is… The freedom to be passionately, fully, unabashedly, and authentically ourselves in every moment of every day!

We are each enough!

SELF-LOVE, coupled with compassion and loving service toward our fellow man that stems from our truth, will create both the personal life and the world that our heart truly desires. If encouraged, modeled and allowed in our young, the mental health issues, as well as much physical dis-ease of our day will dissipate to a large extent.

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