Anti-Bullying/Pro-Tolerance? War on Terror/Appreciation of Peace? YOU Decide...

Anti-Bullying/Pro-Tolerance? War on Terror/Appreciation of Peace? YOU Decide...

Last weekend brought an opportunity for both individuals and groups to really assess their vantage points in terms of the energy behind the movement.

While most familiar with the Soul to Soul Perspective know that the top priority is always self-transformation first and activism second, if at all, I feel it has become paramount in the world today to deepen our understanding of the power of a vantage point beyond the merely physical and into the underlying direction of intention.

Energetically speaking, thoughts, beliefs, and state of being surrounding a vantage point all matter greatly. While anti-bullying and pro-tolerance might appear to mean the same thing, they carry a distinctly different vibe, and if we truly desire to create change in our world, it is important that we recognize the difference and activate what we actually want to change, rather than, unknowingly, its opposite.

Anti-bullying, a war on drugs, a fight against poverty, and cancer as the enemy all push against the desired outcomes of our efforts—pro-tolerance, freedom from addiction, abundance for all, and a celebration of wellness.

The paradox here is that when we push really hard against something, we are actually focusing a powerful stream of energy towards it. In the aforementioned examples, that stream of energy pours into what we do not want, and instead of getting rid of it, we make it bigger.

As the saying reflects, "The energy flows where the attention goes."

It should be more and more obvious with each passing year, that a war on anything never solves it—maybe pushes it into hiding, making it even more difficult to overcome—but solves it, never. It actually creates a separatist, exclusive-type of vibe which ultimately disconnects individuals and groups from their original well-meaning, but often subconscious, low-frequency, intentions.

The point is that it matters how we focus on change.

Do our movements emanate and elevate hope, empowerment, freedom, appreciation, joy and truth or the opposite?

Notice the different feeling in your body and in your heart that results from a war on cancer versus a celebration of wellness.

Or no more explicit rap songs versus more upliftment in our music.

What about anti-big government versus pro-individual responsibility?

In 2011, almost 2012 (Speaking of vantage points, is 2012 the year we just breakdown, as many believe, or breakdown to breakthrough?), we must all become much more accountable for our viewpoints, our expressions, and the energy behind them both.

If the vibe pouring into a movement is actually one of me against you, condemnation, hate, resentment and anger, we can only expect an outcome of more of the same. The movement will mirror back to us exactly what we put into it.

We create change through thoughts, words, deeds and an overall vibe that matches our output.

So what will it be—a reflection of our highest potential or our lowest?

We decide…




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