Stop Passing the Buck!

Stop Passing the Buck!

I write this blog as an emphatic plea for us all to begin taking greater conscious responsibility for our own input and output so that we can stop passing the buck onto others.

This winter/spring has led me to much contemplation surrounding what I have come to realize is actually hidden anger within me at those individuals unwilling to self-examine, who instead live on the very surface of their own life and project their psychic debris—both consciously and subconsciously—onto others.

Interestingly, when truthful with myself, I recognize that much of my anger is actually directed at myself for allowing it.

As an extremely empathetic child and now adult, it has become clear to me that my greatest strength has also been my most detrimental weakness. Through the years, I have unconsciously allowed myself to be harmed physically and emotionally over and over again by taking on others' unlooked at energetic and verbal projections as my own.

Often, even as I psychically felt the negative, unconscious, ego-based energy coming my way, I refused to protect myself feeling that it was my duty to carry another's sludge.

It was my duty not to make them feel bad for their unwillingness to do their own inner work.

Somehow I felt that being a "good girl" meant that it was my cross to bear—to create an environment where others could feel good about themselves no matter what their output—that all of the onus fell on me.

Boy, was I wrong on that one!

Over the past four months, my body specifically has screamed, "No More!"

If I invite, take on, allow another's projection as my own by essentially eating the bait, within twelve hours, my body will let me know.

The most recent indication has been literally a raw nerve running down my entire left side from the hip down after a "fun" evening out where I felt the dig—the dramatic, exploitive energy projection coming my way—and instead of getting out of the way, I stood there as the perfect target. Bull's Eye and Good Times!

Before a certain woman even spoke out loud, and despite knowing better and out of self-love and actual self-preservation protecting myself, I took the bait. After the conversation, I walked away feeling diminished, broken and filled with regret. The psychic claw left its mark.

The next morning, my raw nerve validated the unnecessary, damaging energy exchange.

We must become responsible for going within and healing our own wounds so that our psychic debris no longer harms, not only ourselves—often unknowingly in the form of limiting beliefs and behaviors—but others, as well.

I take full responsibility for allowing the aforementioned energy exchange, and yet, I notice that few even understand all conversations, interactions, and experiences as such.

We are exchanging energy with one another continually. It matters so much more than people realize. If we really want to change the world, the very first step is to clean up our own energy field.

Guess what! If things aren't going well in our life, it's not only the coach's fault; it's not only the teacher's fault; it's not only the bank's fault; it's not only the boss's fault.

Have we looked closely at our perspectives, paradigms, beliefs, wounds, expectations, desires, projections, and choices?

Before the blame game, have we even considered going within first to examine the multitudinous layers of "Usness" that create what we see and experience in our outer world?

As a soul nurturer, I used to feel that it was my job to fix others, rescue others, and do their work for them. But the truth is, no one can do another's work.

Sure, a helping hand can be extended when another genuinely desires assistance, but eventually, we all must come to understand the relationship between our inside world and the external one.

Our only job is to acknowledge and express our own truth.

In doing so, we invite others to do the same.

There is no saving anybody else. If we want things to change, then we must change ourselves.

Stop passing the buck! It's time to do our own work. It's time to make the choices that reflect who we really are. It's time to listen to the voice of our own soul. It's time to take responsibility for our own energy field. It's time to pay much closer attention to the deeper folds of our own life.

PEACE on earth begins within each one of us.

Yes, it's time...


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  • Namaste, Annie.

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