No More Bandaids: Your Body, A Wealth of Information

No More Bandaids: Your Body, A Wealth of Information

In Elizabeth Lesser's fantastic book, Broken Open, she talks about a well-known NYC heart surgeon who comes to the Omega Institute for a weekend retreat focused on moving through grief after a loss.

At the end of the three day workshop, he tells her that while he physically fixes broken hearts for a living having mended thousands over the course of a long career, the true work of mending a malfunctioning heart is the emotional breaking open that is done through inner work.

He then invited her to attend one of his open heart surgeries which she did a month later and was moved to her core at the incredible intricacies of the human body.

With all that is occurring in our world today, it is important to recognize that our healthcare systems, while well-meaning, are only one part of the equation. We must all take greater responsibility in understanding and participating in the dual nature of true healing.

Beyond the drugs, quick fixes, surgeries and long-term treatment plans, there is always emotional excavation to be done in tandem. It must be considered that the dis-ease in the body is a reflection of the disharmony within for total healing to occur.

While we often require outside help and care, it is also true that the physical body is a messenger for the soul. A treasure trove of hidden information lies right underneath the physical ailment when we become aware of the body/mind/spirit simpatico.

Once the physical symptoms manifest, the inner landscape that helped to create them is already well in place. By age five, we have usually absorbed most of our subconscious beliefs about who we are and what it will take to be seen, heard, and valued by others.

These deeply lodged belief systems often determine so much of what we later see showing up in our relationships, health and overall life experiences.

In order to release the patterns that hold us back from wholeness, we must learn to utilize the gifts often hidden in the health issues, setbacks and disappointments. We can run, but we cannot hide. Our soul is waiting...

Over the past several weeks, I have "suffered" with a lower back sprain. While at times I have shed big ole crocodile tears of frustration to my hubby, it has never been a question in my mind that once again there is some inner work to be done right alongside the physical remedies.

Through journaling, dreams, quiet reflection while resting my back, and a continual dialogue with my beautiful L1 vertebrae and entire sacral region that does so much for me every single moment of every day—easily realized when it hurts to put on a seatbelt or unload the dishwasher—I have taken responsibility for making the emotional connection to my uncomfortability.

In other words, out past the osteopathic manipulations, floating tank, and added glucosamine and calcium intake, I am also enthusiastically (okay, not always enthusiastically, but willingly, and that is enough) seeking a deeper interior understanding of Annieness.

Now this particular backache has led me down a multi-layered and well-hidden path, not to be remedied in a few days with an icepack. No, this puppy has some legs and a fierce desire to be acknowledged and heard. I have had to call in the troops for this one as the desire to root out the underlying emotional pattern grew right along with the pain.

With the help of my integrative health doctor and my medical intuitive, I was determined to uncover the energetic cause that holds the key to true healing as much as the cure for the physical ailment itself. The two were very much related, this I knew for sure.

So, in my particular case, two emotional aspects needed to be looked at more closely. (Inner work is never done. Just when you think, you've uncovered your last piece of hidden psychic debris...BOOM...there's another interior call that says not so fast.)

A failed relationship, a confrontation with a friend, a health malady—the script/venue/scene doesn't matter so much, but should be used as clues to take you to the core issues at hand.

This time around for me had to do with the fluidity in my daily life moving freely between my newfound work/passion and my longtime family/passion with grace and ease. In other words, from laundress to radio interviewee from writer to parent from soul activist to spouse. Merging all of the roles consciously and readily is new for me, and my beloved back let me know that my axle is not very well oiled.

Actually, the digging did not stop there. Nope, thought I was done, wanted to be done and get back to my normal routines and save my ever-expanding figure and move again, but not quite, Miss Annie, not quite.

Turns out the well of psychic debris from my more distant past needed to be sorted through a bit, owned honestly and released, too. This layer took me all the way back to my early childhood, roots and wings, and what deeply ingrained within me it means to be a good girl. (Too much to delve into here, but my journal is full!)

In short and to close another vast topic, the Soul to Soul Perspective HIGHly recommends creating a deep and loving relationship with our own body.

The soul whispers the message, the mind packages it and the body delivers it. The three work in a masterful partnership with one another. Come to count on it!

The relationship that we develop between the three, once fully activated, will become our most prized, precious and valuable friendship.

So yes, by all means go to the doctor and set that broken leg. But don't let it end there. Our soul desires more from us.

The excavation process awaits.

There is, after all, some psychic debris no longer needed and ready to be set free...

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