Highlights from Middle School Talk—Kids are READY for More!

Highlights from Middle School Talk—Kids are READY for More!

Yesterday morning I had the incredible honor of offering my Soul to Soul Perspective to 120 sixth, seventh and eighth graders in a spacious auditorium at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

When asked to speak to this age group, without hesitation, I answered a big fat YES, but admittedly, as the date drew closer, I had moments of "Annie Twirl" at the prospect of doing my Soul to Soul thing in front of possibly the most judgmental group of humans alive—middle schoolers!

Even my husband, a high school teacher, in the wee hours of the morning of the talk encouraged me with a "Don't worry...WE love you no matter what!" kinda consolation.

All I can say is always EXPECT THE BEST and ALLOW people to surprise you!

After an initial quiet and reserved start, especially after the first exercise which I warned them up front was going to get them out of the box rather quickly (Looking into a partner's eyes for several seconds to FEEL beyond the physical mask and then declare, "I give you permission to be fully yourself!"), we quickly fell into a very nice rapport with one another.

The joyous, yet firm statement to the audience from the very beginning of "Big smiles? YES. Enjoyment? YES. Laughter? YES. Silliness out of fear? NO!" seemed to set the tone and the expectation of willingness and openness.

From then on, even with one volunteer joining me on stage to demonstrate his best dance move to the crowd, all was smooth sailing, and even at times, utterly quiet with huge eyes and rapt attention flowing my way.

I know, Say What?

Since so many of us have children or work with children in some capacity, I awoke this morning with an impulse to share ever so briefly due to space here the ten Soul to Soul Themes that we discussed yesterday. Each included a brief exercise on how to bring it on home to their daily reality as I have found that the lit spark must be followed with a lit pathway to integrate an expanded perspective, for both kids and adults alike.

It is my belief that if we can offer and fan a little more spiritual depth in our young, then we will change our world.

If they come to understand who they really are beyond the human suit, well, the sky is the limit for the evolution of humanity.

I know, I know, conscious spirit-embodiment for ALL, a mighty big mission, right? But to that I say, if a dirty joke can spread around the world like wildfire (yes, many quite funny in their own risqué, off-colored way—not knockin' em, but just sayin') then WHY NOT upliftment, empowerment, love and joy?

Okay, so below are the themes posted on both a bright yellow hand-out (Why yellow? It represents LIGHTening of the earthly load in every way possible) and on large boards replete with glittery "jazz hands" created by my girls around each one:)

And, you know I did it. YES, words that I LOVE were capitalized all over the place—a good editor's worst nightmare!

1) It's Really SOUL to SOUL

2) TRUST Your Vibes

3) Your Body is Awesome

4) Everything Depends on PERSPECTIVE

5) ONENESS Rocks

6) Shine Your LIGHT

7) ASK for Help

8) The Power of SOUL Time

9) YOU are a Powerful CREATOR

10) THANK You, Thank You, Thank You!

This is where we went together yesterday morning and the energy exchange felt mutually beneficial from my end—I was left on a natural high that could be felt vibrationally in NYC, for sure.

It must be stated that underneath each of those seemingly normal themes, the children were invited to go a little bit further and deeper in their understandings—all explored as more than simply nice platitudes.

For example, Thank You is not just a polite thing to say, when truly FELT, it represents the energy vibration of gratitude which is one of the most powerful, creative, and moment-to-moment life-changing frequencies of the Universe.

Or, Your Body is Awesome because in coming to understand the body/mind/spirit connection, each of us has the capacity and responsibility to connect the emotional dots with the physical ailments. In other words, create a relationship of deep appreciation and love with YOURSELF!

The overall gist of our time together was that in 2011, IT IS TIME! We must become much more accountable for all that we are activating in our own reality, for initiating self-healing, for creating peace within our world, and for generally, every single choice that we make. No more passing the buck!

Our future CEO's, teachers, waitresses, lawyers, plumbers, doctors, mothers and fathers must come to be a clear mirror of wellness, hope, inspiration and unconditional (non-judgmental) love if we are to create the world of our dreams.

Some five-sensory individuals may snicker and declare this an utter impossibility. But as I told the children yesterday, bullies are simply those who don't remember who they really are, so they therefore, don't remember who you really are. BUT, we can all make the choice to remember. In fact, the future of our world depends on it...

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