You're SO Spiritual...Sorry for Cursing in Front of You!

You're SO Spiritual...Sorry for Cursing in Front of You!

At my daughter's soccer game this weekend, it happened again.

Another parent from our team cussed out loud in response to a missed opportunity on goal, and instead of looking more closely at herself for her response towards a mistake made on the field by a mere eighth grader enjoying a sport, she turns to ME and laughs in front of everyone joking, "Oops, can I say that in front of you because I know you're SO spiritual?"

Hmmmm...What a common misperception among those who consider themselves more secular than spiritual.

Interestingly, this woman had just flown down to the tournament late due to her daughter's confirmation that very morning--apparently religion and spirituality mean two very different things to two seemingly very different individuals.

The longer I have been out of the spiritual closet, especially as a professional soul nurturer and now as a soul author, it always amazes me the confusion surrounding spirituality for so many who are not on the spiritual development path.

To me, spirituality constitutes an interior journey where one discovers with delight, over and over again, who they really are as an eternal, infinite being connected to an eternal, infinite source that infuses all things.

It is so intimate, so unique to each individual, and so totally not subject to moral rules, societal codes and external dogma that it fascinates me when others perceive it to be so.

The Soul to Soul Perspective on spirituality is that an individual slowly (it's a lifelong process with no finish line, folks) opens up to a greater intimacy with her own soul.

Divine channels begin to widen that were not before consciously perceived (although most people sense a deep connection, typically in the early years) and a readiness/willingness to move beyond the often mesmerizing illusion of physical reality as the end all be all of truth takes hold.

As the portals to the often unseen yet deeply felt aspects of reality expand, a whole new perspective becomes apparent that was not previously known, much less experienced or appreciated. What was unknown becomes known in a very real way and can be detected by all six senses.

Who knew that trees could actually sing?

It can be difficult to explain this to someone who confuses spirituality with morality. While it is true that as one's spiritual awareness grows, it becomes much harder to live without integrity, meaning simply inner beliefs matching outer expressions.

Furthermore, as whole societies evolve into a deeper understanding of Oneness, strict moral codes and seemingly endless laws protecting the environment, possessions and life itself will become superfluous for robbing and/or killing another when there is ultimately only ONE of us in the room (or on the planet, or in the Universe) becomes a natural deterrent.

But, per usual, I digress a bit, so back to the cussing on the sideline.

As a spiritual individual, I have no desire to judge another's choices, but instead my greatest heart's desire is for others to look more closely at their own.

Gradually, it becomes quite clear that what serves our highest good is very interrelated to what serves the highest good of the whole.

If cussing feels good to you, then have at it. Eventually, that choice may or may not serve your higher good.

If dancing on a tabletop feels good to you, then go for it. Eventually, that choice may or may not serve your higher good. (I have done so fairly recently and loved every minute of it, by the way.)

If sitting in meditation for hours floats your boat, then enjoy it without apology. Eventually that choice may or may not serve your higher good.

The point is to become comfortable in our own skin. The point is to come to know ourselves better. The point is that greater intimacy with our own soul will change the world.

To wrap up a vast topic in a five paragraph blog, the spiritual path is definitely not about judging fellow spiritual beings (we are ALL spiritual beings whether we become conscious of it in the human body or through the death experience) for their chosen physical expression.

As one comes to know herself as eternal and infinite, it becomes clear that there is actually nothing to judge—there are no "wrong" turns per se. Natural consequences for every choice, of course, but one can never separate herself from the divine whole though it may appear possible to do so.

The Soul to Soul Perspective encourages all to become so intimate with SELF that we can feel our way energetically. The sensitive inner compass, when acknowledged, appreciated, and validated, naturally moves all (there are no exceptions here, we all have access to our own interior if truly desired) in the direction of authenticity, joy, love, gratitude, upliftment, and empowerment.

As individuals within society activate this missing piece, the PEACE around the world for which we seek, will prevail.

Cuss, cater, or CEO your way to freedom. Bowl, bake, or bike your way to bliss.

We decide, We decide, We decide…


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  • Word. This is something I struggle with at times. I start to assume that being sarcastic and foul-mouthed and being spiritual and enlightened are mutually exclusive. Thanks for the reminder that it's all part of a bigger process. Directed here by Moms Who Drink and Swear on Facebook. (Yes, men read her sh*t, too. I was a SAHD and it's good stuff.) Peace.

  • Wow, someone really said that to you? What a jerk.

  • Spiritualism is just like the religions it opposes except that the spiritualist gets to make up their own rules ... which are often based upon the religion they knew as a child.

    What if we are on this planet only to eat, breed, and poop?

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