Life Lessons from the King's Speech and Beyond

Life Lessons from the King's Speech and Beyond

With the big win of The King's Speech at the Academy Awards last night comes an invitation to discuss a most basic premise of the Soul to Soul Perspective—wisdom can be found everywhere—everyday life is our best and most profound teacher.

The books, movies, articles, songs, confrontations, illnesses, and even laundry create the tapestry of a sacred life.

Driving my daughter home from a hair appointment yesterday, I was overcome with my "divine flow energy feeling" characterized by breathlessness, heightened cellular pulsation throughout my body, moist eyes and intense JOY, as once again, I effortlessly moved into the divine state whereby a deep understanding of the luminosity of even the most mundane moments is felt through total presence.

We don't have to wait for a mountaintop epiphany or an ashram retreat to pierce the sacred veil. The greatest divine paradox is that once you "pierce" it, the laughable realization that there is actually no veil to pierce—there is no delineation—becomes apparent.

The simple truth that we humans make so very, very difficult is enshrouded in the grandest dichotomy of all time: everything has deep meaning, everything, AND… Wait for it… The seeming paradox, because of our eternal, infinite nature, nothing matters as we play the roles of a lifetime (or two) in our human suit.

After years of external searching, when these ecstatic moments of illumination hit, I tend to shake my head in sheer amazement at the misperception that often dwells in so many of our hearts and minds. From my continued human experience, I have found that peace comes from resting within this divine paradox, not in resisting it.

So back to the King's Speech as our useful and timely example.

I utilized every morsel of this beautiful flick. The many underlying messages are tremendously spiritual to someone like me who feels that spirituality constitutes embracing a larger perspective than what meets the eye.

In this case, getting to the emotional cause of the stuttering—what's underneath, always what's underneath—is where the texture of his life creates an expanded awareness.

Everyday life, his beloved life, takes him there as he reluctantly opens to the sacred folds of it.

As I viewed the King's Speech, I felt awe at the opportunity afforded all viewers to delve into this idea that all of life is quite purposeful and sacred.

Yes, it was difficult at times to see the king suffer with his disability as he mirrored back to me all of the inadequacies that I have felt in my life, but at the same time, his challenges greatly enhanced his life and mine.

As we witnessed his vantage point gradually enlarge, we could sense the tremendous gifts hidden within the uncomfortability and pain.

Whether it be stuttering, psoriasis, an unexpected firing, a rift with a friend, all of these seemingly "random" human experiences have deeper meaning to our soul, and only we can cull the gifts from them by literally sifting through the layers of the physical mask to uncover the hidden gems. In doing so, you come to see that each "unwanted" layer of the mask is actually a gem, too, in and of itself.

These unforeseen vantage points become more easily recognizable once we first accept that they are always there.

In this case, as the king ever so slowly cracked himself wide open, bit by bit his internal awareness grew by leaps and bounds along with compassion, courage, authenticity, acceptance, non-judgment, an understanding of self-healing, a deeper marital relationship, trust, true friendship and so much more.

If we can forego the labeling and judging of everything in life as either good or bad remaining in a more neutral position, then the actual sacredness of it all is given the opportunity to shine through.

We are ETERNAL beings and nothing can ever change that… Nothing! So we might as well relax into life and utilize each and every twist and turn to experience conscious spirit-embodiment.

As one of my favorite teachers of all time, Neale Donald Walsch, expressed to me years ago, "The message of the masters is not that you shall have eternal life, but that you do..."

To see the sacred in all of life not just what we deem the best parts of life is the path to enlightenment—an enlightenment accessible to each and every one of us, not saved for a chosen few, and right here within daily life, dirty socks and all.

And as I continuously sift through the layers of my own physical mask, on my most clear days, this is what I would LOVE to shout from the Facebook and Twitter mountaintop!


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