FEEL Your Way Into Every Choice!

FEEL Your Way Into Every Choice!

Feel Your Way has become the most-used mantra in our home.

After years of studying the actual metaphysics, not to mention more and more each day the quantum physics behind this statement, in an increasingly unknown and chaotic world, the powerful impact of these words is both spiritual and functional.

As societies around the world seem to be literally shaking on their axis and erupting from within their very core, the question must be asked, "On the planet today, are we experiencing breakdown or breakthrough?"

According to the Soul to Soul Perspective, as well as the beliefs of many of my most respected teachers, it is most definitely the latter.

As old paradigms and ways of doing, and most importantly perceiving things literally implodes, it is imperative that we understand how to navigate a whole new reality. It is definitely no longer business as usual—everything is changing—and we must change with it if we wish to maintain any type of buoyancy in a fast-paced, technological and consciousness shifting life experience.

Outer landmarks that we used to rely upon are outdated as they keep changing in what seems to be the blink of an eye.

Others' values no longer hold much appeal in a world where we can create ourselves anew with relative ease.

Strict moral codes almost seem superfluous as we gaze back through history and see their relative lack of usefulness in creating true change, individually or universally.

The Soul to Soul Perspective offers a new way to navigate the folds of life experiences.

It is actually not new at all, but rather a vantage point that many, many more individuals on a larger scale than ever before are moving towards adapting to and adopting.

I speak here of the utilization of our inner compass—the voice of our very own soul—to lead us to higher pasture.

I invite you now, if you don't already, to begin to consciously FEEL your way in all life choices.

In other words, before continuous movement and decision making, take a deep breath, relax into a powerful pause, and LISTEN for the deeper, most purposeful answer for you.

I always advise feeling for and moving towards (even if its just baby steps, people) JOY, APPRECIATION, LIGHTNESS, EMPOWERMENT, FREEDOM, OPENNESS and LOVE.

If we continually attempt to move in the direction of those feelings in every choice, always weighing them "against" the opposite feelings of heaviness, dread, anxiety, fear, separation, and survival of the fittest, then correct choices (meaning higher soul level choices) for us will become much more readily apparent.

Now, does it take practice to feel our way? You bet it does! But the time to start monitoring every choice according to a new measurement device is now as we literally throttle at rocket speed into a new and unknown world.

To hold onto old ways of doing things (as my beloved friend and mentor, Sonia Choquette, would call the five-sensory way) versus the more enlightened six-sensory path is to risk standing alone grasping for a past that no longer exists.

So begin NOW in the smaller choices each and every day to go within a bit more to discern how you really feel about something—we're talking what to think about, what to speak of, what to read, what to wear, who to spend time with, what music to listen to, what to eat, which movies to see, how to spend your free time—we're talking EVERY choice.

Give it a month (keep track) and watch and FEEL your life change right before your very eyes.

Yes, even if you are personally going through a life challenge, try it. Actually, it's more valuable than ever before to try it if that is the case.

Our soul is patiently waiting for us to acknowledge and appreciate and integrate its gentle guidance.

Model for your children a new way to navigate this beautiful, ever-changing world. Encourage them to feel their way.

There is nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Inner resonation, our true compass, is our most valuable asset—hands down and hearts open!

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