Energetically and then LITERALLY, a Bite on the A_ _!

Energetically and then LITERALLY, a Bite on the A_ _!

You won't want to miss this blog as I graphically describe what begins to occur as you move into making the underlying, subtle connections and correlations between beliefs and actual physical manifestation that can create both beauty and havoc depending on how you look at it.

The week before my holiday vacation, I wrote a blog that elicited a favorable response from many and an angry onslaught from a few. I learned A LOT from the whole experience as I responded to comments and sought to dissect my intentions and overall desire to partake in a deeply divided topic in my community.

Although my position was indeed one of neutrality, I quickly realized that even neutrality is a position—a personal perspective—and one that many do not enjoy.

After much contemplation, I removed the post just before leaving on vacation with my family realizing that I did not choose to spend my precious holiday with loved ones responding to endless comments, some of which felt to me like a personal attack.

But here's where the story gets interesting...

After I removed the post, I actually jokingly said to a close friend, "Wow...that blog really came back to bite me on the A_ _!" I laughed about it and vowed to really consider more carefully all of the ramifications of every post in the future. (I am fairly new at the blog thing so this experience has turned out to be an eye-opening gift, and of course, the Soul to Soul Perspective would view it no other way!)

So down to Florida we go, and I admittedly twirl about the controversial blog in my head (only a little bit here and there) thinking of how I could have expressed myself in a slightly different way, etc.

However, as I enjoyed the sun, family time, and a pina colada (or two) on the beach, the "Blog That BIT" began to fade away.

Until… three days into my trip, when I awoke one morning with an enormous bite of some kind—a spider, a scorpion, who knows—that created a welt literally four inches by two inches on my right butt cheek. I kid you not, no one had ever seen anything like it!

It became the daily ritual each morning to check on "The Bite" for all ten family members aboard the Burnside holiday train.

The Big Bite on My A_ _ lasted for the entire trip and still remains today as a slightly pink expanse that thankfully, no longer itches. Initially it had purple streaks in it, and the lymph node in my right groin swelled as my body fought to release the toxins—and negativity.

As I always look for deeper meaning in my physical ailments, I laughed out loud in the shower, one day into the magnificent bite, when I realized the correlation. My powerful belief that my blog had come back to bite me on the a _ _ literally manifested it in my physical experience within days.

And you can imagine, a new topic for a wonderful family discussion, along with a built-in visual, was born.

The Soul to Soul Perspective always reminds us to be highly conscious of thoughts, words, deeds, and beliefs.

In more secular terms, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it... A JOYOUS and Bite-Free 2011 to All!!

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