A Moment of Silence Back in Illinois Schools

A Moment of Silence Back in Illinois Schools

Apparently the Illinois Legislature has re-enacted a law to enforce a moment of silence at the beginning of each school day. Since the law goes into effect this week, perhaps whether we agree or disagree with it, we can find a fresh way to view it and share the possible bounties of a silent vantage point with our children.

All politics aside, as the Soul to Soul Perspective tends to view life in a rather neutral, multiple perspectives are valid kinda way, once a decision has been made, the questions before us become:  How can we make the most of what has been chosen and see it as an opportunity for growth? Can we embrace a new idea, at least until the time comes to review the situation and create change? And finally, when we do opt for change, can we offer our ideas with a positive outlook and compassionate heart?

I often smile while writing my own posts knowing that there are probably many out there who may come upon them and shake their head thinking, "Take off the 'Pollyanna Glasses' lady!"

But truth be told, according to Annie anyway, soul work invites us to feel a greater possibility for peace and harmony EVERYWHERE. I feel that we can all contribute to that in our own unique way, whether as a CEO, waitress, dog walker or stay-at-home dad.

So back to the moment of silence in our schools. I suggest perceiving it not as a religious event, but rather as a powerful pause—a way to encourage children to infuse consciously moments of quiet, stillness and deeper connection to SELF throughout the day, any day, even a Saturday—oh my!

Inviting our children to include a more meditative aspect to each day whereby they take a few deep breaths, stop doing, and quiet the mind (and the mouth) is actually a powerful, life-long, perspective-changing teaching.

The benefits of meditation, whether it be standing quietly in a classroom or sitting yogi style on a mat, are plentiful and varied. Perhaps an offering that has been equated with emotional, physical and mental well-being may not be all bad for our children, especially if they are taught the meaning behind pausing versus simply requiring it.

As for those who feel that classrooms should be off and running from task to task at the onset of each day, the soul to soul perspective waxes poetic in mentioning that many, many intelligent individuals—Einstein to name but one—encouraged simply being with a problem or an idea once identified in the mind and allowing the creative answer to appear.

In other words, sometimes it is highly beneficial to forego the constant mind chatter—the never-ending analytical, and often judgmental, twirl—and simply get out of our own way.

To sum it up, there are many valid perspectives both for and against a moment of silence in the public schools. I say to each his own.

And yet, if we are indeed a part of the public schools and not willing to approach any of our leaders for a different vote next time, why not become open to the possibility that our children may actually benefit from a small dose of quiet to center themselves before a long day of learning and socializing at school.

Can we as parents and teachers enlighten our children to the positive aspects of a conscious, powerful pause?

Maybe even a little gratitude or creative inspiration will flow through the silence.

Or... Just thinking about the nachos with extra cheese in store for lunch, but either way, an opportunity beckons...

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