Pity On None, Compassion For All

Pity On None, Compassion For All

As the holiday season takes us by storm—more than a mere snow storm—I'm talking a full-out commercial drive to keep us focused on the external trappings (yes, some fun and worthy, to be sure), it is vitally important that we also deepen our understanding and outpouring of compassion.

Most of us are taught that pity and compassion are close cousins, if not identical twins.

Whether outwardly stated or not, often the energy behind the healing thoughts, words and actions that we extend towards others in the name of compassion is laced with pity surrounding their unseemly predicament or state of being.

The assistance is well-meaning, but usually along with the helping hand, the donor subconsciously doles out an energetic belief that matches the "unfortunate" situation, actually helping to sustain the current energy surrounding the state of affairs.

The Soul to Soul Perspective is that true compassion is not an I can do it for you vibe, but rather a YOU can do it for yourself vibe.

In other words, the most healing offering that you can ever freely give to others is to really see/feel them as who they really are beyond their physical mask and predicament—past their "human suit" and into their true eternal and infinite nature.

It is their highest potential as a self-realized spirit-embodied human being that we hope to ignite through our offerings, not simply a reinforcement of their perceived "stuckness" and misfortune.

So it is always the feeling behind the assistance that matters most to initiate true and lasting change in our good works.

Compassion that leads to healing comes through nothing less than a heightened awareness of the other's divine essence.

Acknowledgement of this in our heart and mind as we offer the warm cup of coffee, the used clothing or the large financial donation is of utmost importance to both the giver and the receiver. It is the energy exchange that really seals the deal, for upliftment and expanded awareness are truly priceless.

So in this holiday season, give a gift that keeps on giving. Offer compassion to those in "need" sans pity with a powerful punch behind it—an infusion of positive, empowering energy that speaks volumes without opening your mouth.

Really see the individuals before you. Feel their presence. Acknowledge their magnificence as an aspect of infinite divine essence.

For what stands before you is nothing short of a luminous soul in human form.

Teach your children the feeling behind loving service—Compassion Unplugged—and make an active healing difference in the lives of those you touch this holiday season.

"JOY to the World" can simply be sung or it can be deeply felt and offered up and out. It is always our choice!

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