This Holiday Season Gift Yourself: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

This Holiday Season Gift Yourself: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

As a soul nurturer, people often ask me, "How important is Self-Nurturing?"

This question always invites a huge smile and a passionate answer as I enthusiastically gush my belief that SELF-LOVE is the beginning of a whole new reality.

In this season of giving, why not start with yourself?

And I'm not talking about another pedicure, expensive bottle of wine, or exciting vacation here, but rather I speak of embarking on the journey of a lifetime—the true authentic trip (and it really is a trip in every sense of the word) into your interior.

I offer below two questions to contemplate (and, of course, my answers as it is my favorite topic and a possible starting point). Big steps, baby steps, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters here is committing to know yourself better.

The good news is that as I have seen time and time again in my own life and through the lives of others, the process of self-discovery ends up resolving many other "chronic" issues that we spend much time, money and effort fretting over such as, health, weight and financial woes.

1) How important is self-nurturing? Self-nurturing becomes the most important aspect of your life when you come to understand your co-creative power with the Universe to create your own reality. The recognition that you actually create each future moment through your thoughts, words, deeds and state of emotional well-being completely shifts your priorities to include at the top of your list self-care. Your internal reality is seen in a much different light—as the source of your external reality rather than the opposite. Internal excavation becomes your empowering starting point instead of the last minute thought as you navigate your life because you understand that you can only offer others your highest potential from the inside out.

2) How can we move past our fear? The only way that we can truly move beyond the limitations of fear is to begin the journey of self-discovery—a luminous interior journey enabling us to recognize ourselves as intuitive, creative, eternal spiritual beings with a direct divine connection to the magnificent force hat infuses us all. As we go within and begin uncovering what is really there—both the universal human traits AND the infinite essence, fear slowly dissipates as truth and inner knowing prevail. It is a lifelong process, a lifelong gift to yourself lasting much longer than the latest gadget, with no finish line only more and more frequent moments of heightened illumination felt as deep gratitude, oneness and joy. In short, ecstasy...

It is time that we found a missing piece (PEACE), the one that many of us unknowingly are searching for in any number of different external venues including new marriages, the mall, or another addictive habit or substance.

This season take an initial step down the path to wholeness by making a conscious choice to know yourself—the often hidden self—more intimately.

While scary at first, it will become your most pivotal and blessed moment—a gift like no other—something about which to really feel some deep holiday cheer.

So start the counseling, the journaling, the meditating, the chanting, the drumming, the channeling, the spirit circle, the simply being...and laugh and cry your way to the personal nirvana that awaits you.

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