The Idle Brain, Downtime=A HUGE Creative YES!

The Idle Brain, Downtime=A HUGE Creative YES!

More and more Americans, whose culture of intense focus on productivity has been both its boon and nemesis, are realizing that optimal creativity stems from regular periods of free-form mind wandering.

Everything, EVERYTHING man-made that we see in our world once germinated within the depths of someone's imagination—a magical, creative well that we so often take for granted.

While I of course view downtime from a soul perspective, a recent article in the Chicago Tribune informs us that the scientific community is beginning to shift towards a higher regard for daily unstructured time, as well.

According to new brain studies, the brain is undergoing purposeful and valuable connective threading that creates a sense of self within our "rich inner world."

It is imperative that we give ourselves permission each day to allow the natural flow of consciousness that occurs at the exact moments that we tend to feel the most guilt surrounding the societal embedding of non-productivity.

My greatest creative insights for future external manifestations, as well as my deepest spiritual perceptions for the expansion of my internal reality channel through me when I allow myself to relax into my daily tasks or chosen downtime.

It is always when I am at my least "productive" according to generally accepted American values, and in all fairness most worldwide standards today, that the intuitive flashes find the space to blossom.

Folding loads of laundry, blow drying your hair, riding your bike or staring out the window at a cardinal all provide the powerful pause—creative juice for the brain and an invitation to the voice of the soul—to enhance future moments with a heightened authentic energy that can become increasingly diminished throughout a jam-packed day.

It is well known that monks actually came to relish scrubbing another floor, and now I understand why—the wandering mind offers an incredible amount of spiritual sustenance once the inner dimension is respected and valued as the true threshold of creativity and inspiration that it actually is.

Perhaps, it's time to view certain aspects of our day in a new light.

Yes, work is important, but when the opportunity arises for a little bit of soul time, what do we choose? More of the same or a relaxation into our own blessed interior?

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