Live Bears Game at Soldier Field—A Mixed Bag

Live Bears Game at Soldier Field—A Mixed Bag

I attended my second ever Bears game at Soldier Field yesterday afternoon due to a gracious invite from dear friends. And, SO much of the day was FABULOUS! The Soul to Soul Perspective always relishes the whole experience recognizing that on some level I put myself there and that in and of itself nothing is either good or bad, only my thinking makes it so.

But before we delve into the more esoteric depths that you know I love so much, let me expound on a few of the highlights:

For one, the glorious and sunny fall day kept the grin from ear to ear in place on my face throughout.

The elevated "tailgate-type" energy surrounding the adventure with my husband as we headed into the city on the "L" for a day of togetherness and fun, in and of itself, creates a grateful umbrella no matter what we actually do during the five hour stretch of time.

So it is no surprise that people watching, scenery admiring—city buildings gleaming, grassy parks calling, pathways bustling—always rock my senses and offer upliftment to my soul.

Once in the stadium, time spent laughing and chatting with old friends, my big old Chicago-style hot dog, a few of my favorite icy cold beers (Miller-Lite), a little cheering and hand-holding with my hubby, and to be sure, more people watching (admittedly at times close observation as I am not that into what is actually occurring on the field, so much so that my husband sometimes has to snap his fingers wondering if I am there for the game at all—which I am not in the true fan sense) kept me quite engaged.

As the afternoon and fun wore on, my mind started to wander into deeper territory—to the full-blown cheering of my soul which always appreciates the overall joy to be found in all aspects of life, BUT ALSO continually invites a larger perspective.

Lots of insights started pouring in through the top of my head as if a funnel of light had been placed there.

While the palpable enthusiasm, camaraderie, energy, intensity, focus, monetary outpouring, and full-out presence of those around me towards the happenings on the field was the norm and exciting in its own way, I wondered, "What if all of the above-mentioned were instead channeled into our many failing schools, our neighborhood war zones, our clean energy research, or our large-scale health plans? What if..."

I began imagining all of this same zeal projected towards humanitarian projects around the globe.

I imagined television commentary and newspaper columns (whole sections and segments, to be exact) that accompanies all of it 24/7 espousing more soul-to-soul and less play-by-play.

My heart began to beat wildly as I excitedly whispered to my husband, "Honey, we've got so much to discuss on the "L" ride home!"

While he later found out, perhaps a bit reluctantly, that I did not mean outrage at how many times Jay Cutler got sacked, he too voiced interest and enthusiasm at the possibilities invoked if our society could transfer bit by bit where we place our resources and focus to revamp over time what we currently see in our world.

Somehow seeing the game live sparked something deeper within me than the typical reality TV sporting events that we share while eating homemade chili and nachos each week as a family.

Different than how live baseball games feel to me (I haven't fully uncovered that one yet, but will go there in my journal soon, too), viewing grown men playing football surrounded by 60,000 plus fans on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with all that we have occurring in our world seemed like an incredible divine paradox to me—in one sense, pleasurable, fun and a true crowd-pleaser (especially touching, the wide-eyed children with their parents seeing a favorite sports star in action), but at the same time, the deeper aspect within me felt as clear as the sky above, we can do BETTER… We can collectively do better!

Yummy chili cheese dogs inside the stadium and spontaneous, lovely drumming and saxophone playing outside the stadium aside, can we create a society that offers both—perhaps combines both in some way—whereby at least some of the pro-action, excitement and monetary rewards create real change for our children, our elderly, and our planet rather than simply a change in line-up…

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