Girl's Weekend: Lakefront, The Blues and Trance Channeling

Girl's Weekend: Lakefront, The Blues and Trance Channeling

This past weekend I played in the sandbox of beautiful downtown Chicago for three days and three nights. For me it was a home away from home only miles from my everyday reality, but for my two best girlfriends from high school and beyond, plane trips from each coast got them to our desired meeting place.

It had been almost four years since our last jaunt together in Scottsdale, Arizona and now with 2010 being the big fortieth birthday year for all three of us, we knew it was time to gather again for some soul to soul.

So with all three inner children in tow, it came as no surprise that the weekend unfolded as the perfect blend of giddy school girl fun (running through the Drake to hold a burst of inescapable laughter until the elevator) and courageous depth (you bet there were a few tears)—two things that this threesome does particularly well.

So the long lakefront walks, deep coffee klatches, soul-baring lunches, interactive shopping hysteria, downright fun bar escapades, and finally a joint appointment with a trance channeler on our last evening together capped off a purposeful and playful feast for body, mind and spirit.

There's just something about gathering with those who have known you forever (in this case truly forever as the channel can identify) that allows not only the inner child an opportunity to frolic in comfort and grace, but also an honest sharing stemming from a familiar feeling of I LOVE YOU ANYWAY, dear friend...

We were all barometers for each other on this glorious fall weekend—clear sight mirrors—so that the "pee in your pants" kinda JOY and laughter paved the way for our souls to expose some of the raw places deep inside, as well. We provided a warm and solid safety net for one another, an opportunity to play externally AND to express the interior world freely.

This almost simultaneous movement between the two created a powerful and uplifting vortex that was shared by all. Even beyond our little circle, the open, high energy emanated outward to others with whom we came into contact.

In other words, the cabbies, bartenders, waiters, store clerks, valets, and momentary new friends felt it, too, for joy begets more joy, generosity of spirit begets more generosity of spirit, and presence begets more presence.

Soul to Soul—going rogue for some people unused to this level of interaction—invites us to BE THE SOURCE for ourselves and to freely share that with others. Somehow time spent with timeless friends creates the perfect opportunity to effortlessly be/do just that...



Warmth and JOY,


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