Another Costco Run—Necessary or Superfluous—YOU Decide

Another Costco Run—Necessary or Superfluous—YOU Decide

Are your weeks filled to the brim? Is "I'm just so busy!" a common utterance from your mouth? Do you ever leave yet another coffee klatch feeling unfulfilled?

If the answer is a resounding YES to any or all of those questions, you are not alone. In the modern world, many of us seem to be drowning in our own busyness.

And yet, we often forget that busyness is a choice—an all-important way of life choice—and we are indeed captains of our own rat race.

Just as periodically cleaning out closets and purging outdated articles of clothing (think mid-thigh jeans mini-skirt and poncho) feels deliciously purposeful and liberating, it is time that we view reshaping our waking hours in much the same way.

Regularly scheduled appointments with ourselves to take a close look (and I mean CLOSE look) at our daily schedule is a huge aspect of the soul to soul perspective. Conscious living requires becoming very clear as to what continues to serve us on a deeper level and what actually holds us back from true interior fulfillment.

Every day, month, year, we are evolving and with that our needs and heart's desires change, too.

In other words, while there may have been a time that a Costco run was a necessary aspect of every week, when looked at from a different perspective, we just may find that the rewards no longer match the effort, and one-stop shopping is worth a few extra dollars.

Body Sculpt class four mornings a week may have been a perfect fit while the kids were in morning preschool, but not as empowering now when we yearn to start our own business and post-breakfast is when our best ideas typically flow.

In the Sunday section of the Chicago Tribune this weekend, there was a great article titled "Racing the clock? Really? Maybe it's time to reconsider our relationship with time" which touched on this same topic.

Our culture makes busyness almost a badge of honor, but what are we actually busy doing?

Is it meaningful to our overall soul purpose (yes, we all have one) or are we actually wasting precious hours each week trapped in a major time-suck of our own design?

Beyond even a full work week, there are hours upon hours of "free choice" time.

Maybe we should think back to earlier days of free choice time in kindergarten and take a hint from our inner child. We never would have unnecessarily chosen hours on the phone when building our dream house with blocks, painting our personal version of Degas or singing in our highest alto voice awaited us...

The soul to soul perspective recognizes certain earthly chores that must be tended to on a regular basis for daily family life to run smoothly. BUT, beyond the basics, busyness is not something that happens to us, but rather something that we often unconsciously create.

The call here is to own our busyness. The article points out that most successful people actually do less with their time than those who claim non-stop busyness.

The major difference between the two seems to be a conscious awareness of and subsequent choosing of what is meaningful to them coupled with a non-guilt-ridden, purposeful release of the superfluous. In other words, they live true.

So one more errand at Sephora and quick stop at Starbucks during a much-needed lunch hour OR a joyful walk immersed in the fall color allowing a bright, new idea or longed for marital insight?

Yet another weekly Costco run (the samples aren't that good, btw) before the kids get home from school OR thirty minutes of free-flow journaling?

No right or wrong here, but important to be clear that busyness is not the villain to our own self-induced victimhood...

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