New Trier Day Care, The News and Beyond

New Trier Day Care, The News and Beyond

Friday night my husband and I attended the opening of New Trier High School's new day care facility—progressive to some, superfluous to others—but either way, just built and a current daytime home to twenty-seven and counting beloved children.

I honor every individual's opinion on this topic (and all other topics) because personal perspective is the birthright of every human. Rather than the need to be right, it is the opportunity to be heard in order that perspectives have a chance to blend and overlap, that excites me much more.

We participated in the event because my husband teaches at New Trier and currently leads the New Trier Teacher's Union.

Later that night while watching the CBS2 News, we saw a story on the day care.

Unfortunately, from the very beginning of the telecast, one could easily detect the side upon which the reporter and anchor (a truly nice guy and college friend) fell.

It was a typical biased story painting the New Trier district as a bastion of wealth and privilege—which compared to most areas in the world, it is.

And yet, the teachers, administrators, students and parents involved are very much human beings as is true for those involved in all media stories.

The Soul to Soul Perspective invites neutrality when it comes to the news. Even if certain viewpoints aren't specifically uttered, they can be felt by one's intuitive radar (we all have one, but it must be acknowledged and utilized), as easily detected in this piece.

It is actually the underlying texture of the segment that has the greatest effect—what lies beyond the five senses alone—in this case leading many to believe without all of the information, that the day care is a "bad" solution to the ongoing reality of teachers desiring children of their own.

A few facts to deter the continued spread of inaccurate information, not to sway your ultimate perspective on day care at New Trier or any other workplace, but to offer truth (always in the mind of the beholder) from another vantage point:

1) The facility is open to the whole community and not exclusive to teachers' children.

2) Teachers do not receive a discounted price.

3) Taxpayers are not funding it, as the teachers consciously chose to pay for it with unpaid days.

4) Seventy new babies were born to New Trier teachers in the past two years—many of whom we can assume are high quality teachers if hired in the first place.

5) Daycares already exist at several local high schools albeit in many different models.

6) Working women all over the world do have babies. All professions must look at this closely and choose wisely for them. (Day care has been in discussions at New Trier for the past 20 years.)

Earlier this same week, I felt similar astonishment when an article about me also veered into inaccurate territory in the last few paragraphs. My husband and I joked that upon reading, friends and neighbors would scratch their heads wondering whom they were actually discussing in the article. In fact, not very mindful at all...

The Soul to Soul Perspective invites individuals to find and express their own truth, not to exploit the truth for exploitation's sake. We must expect the same from our media and our leaders.

So whatever your truth may be on any topic, feel free to share it openly in an appropriate forum, without the need for validation and agreement from others.

True Freedom stems from the capacity to know yourself from the inside out and the courage to BE that truth in thought, word and deed without expectation that others must follow suit.

The news delivers its highest to the public when it gives us the opportunity to uncover our own perspective without overtly or covertly offering theirs...

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