Dieting: Weight Loss, Maintenance and JOY

Dieting: Weight Loss, Maintenance and JOY

Maintaining our unique, natural body weight, a continuous process for most, and for many a lifelong thread of anxiety and a loathsome burden, can be reshaped and viewed in a new light.

Interestingly, through my years on the spiritual journey and in a weight maintenance mindset, about six years ago I discovered that the two readily go hand in hand, especially powerful when consciously acknowledged and integrated.

The more I cleaned out my "psychic debris" (anger, guilt, resentment, beliefs, patterns, open wounds, scars, self-talk), an inevitable aspect of moving down the inner pathway towards greater self-awareness, the more I understood that my interior is absolutely and unequivocally running the whole show, determining even the end result of the forbidden M &M.

As in everything that we do, our state of being—the energy vibration that lies beneath the surface and emanates outward—is the source of the end manifestation that becomes our reality.

So while healthy eating habits and exercise are encouraged as beneficial to our whole system, just as important, and in my opinion much  more so, is the texture of our vibration while consuming food, engaging in physical activity and throughout the whole day.

We are energy beings, first and foremost. For many this deep understanding is the missing piece in all aspects of life, including issues with weight.

As so many experts have begun to teach us in modern society, emotional baggage—detrimental energy carried within the whole system—must be owned, dissected, and navigated so that true and lasting change can occur.

Once freed from the tethering to the past through counseling, AA, spirit circles, meditation, journaling, drumming, workshops—whatever resonates to assist with the clearing process—the freedom to move up the emotional scale towards appreciation, joy and empowerment increases, opening the space for optimal creation including the maintenance of an optimal weight.

In other words, it is my absolute belief that eating one Double Stuff Oreo in an authentic state of peace, love and gratitude towards yourself is far healthier than dining on tofu and spinach in a state of anger and resentment.

Likewise, running a marathon with a long-held belief in not being enough embedded within may actually be more detrimental than sitting on a park bench day after day in a state of bliss and calm.

Perhaps this is why there appear to be so many contradictions beyond genetics in how we maintain good health.

There's always the story of the happy and content man who lived to be 100 while eating donuts every morning and imbibing whiskey every night and then the polar opposite.

I am not advocating the adoption of unhealthy practices—to be sure, wholesome food and exercise are always the highest choice for the physical body—but I am inviting a raised consciousness as to what occurs energetically in all that we think, say and do, including in our personal and cultural focus upon body weight.

Simply put, the inner world is where it's at! It holds the keys to all that we seek to be, do and have. With conscious attention, the seeds of the interior garden can bloom in unimaginable ways...

Happy Weeding!

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