Dave Matthews, Wrigley Field and Beyond

Dave Matthews, Wrigley Field and Beyond

It's really the WHOLE experience that filled me not once, but twice this weekend as I hopped on the El with my husband over the weekend to meet up with friends and enjoy to the utmost beautiful nights in the beloved city of Chicago.

Over and over again, from the observations through the windows headed downtown of porches overflowing with flowers and lively city streets, to dancing with my husband on the field of Wrigley while gazing up at the night sky, to exchanging life stories of kids and work with close friends, to the cascading music that so stirs my soul, and even to a serendipitous meeting right before the Saturday night show with the man himself, the events immersed me in a feast for my senses that led me ultimately to a place of deep appreciation for simply being human.

It happens every time I see the Dave Matthews Band on stage, offering their energy and passion up and out for others to channel and utilize to capture within themselves the creative power that exists in all of us, a renewed sense of my own self-realization as a creator in my own right.

The comfortability in their own skin witnessed as one watches this band perform, reignites in me a strong desire to live true so that I may truly live. The authentic energy emanates from a band who writes their own music and therefore fully owns on a soul level their palpable outpourings of truth, passion and inspired freedom that are the birthright of all human beings.

The Soul to Soul Perspective recognizes in the deep feeling space within when another is offering from the same timeless well, and this recognition either unconsciously or consciously (so much more delicious if can be experienced consciously) gives one permission to unleash their own unique intuitive potential to share with the world.

To see and more importantly to feel the vibration of another's uncensored energetic output is a tremendous gift, for in the largest sense, we are all connected in an unseen, yet deeply felt matrix that pulsates just beneath the surface of what we deem reality.

Beyond the booze and other substances also in attendance on those glorious Wrigley Field evenings, upon looking outward to other beings swaying in unison and peering upward to a vast, open and unlimited sky, a larger perspective was alive and present for all to experience, always readily available, but often missed in the busyness of an ordinary day.

The call of the Dave Matthews experience is not to idolize a group of human beings who have simply created a means to do what they love and love what they do, but rather to dig a little deeper within to excavate our own extraordinary capacity to shape, alter and inspire heightened life experiences from a place of inner truth—a vortex of self-love, creativity, joy and empowerment enabling us to fulfill our sacred mission and our highest potential.

Whether it be as a musician or bar owner, teacher or hairdresser, how much upliftment of the human spirit are we willing to offer through our own blessed humanity?

As another famous individual once said, "The whole world is a stage."

So a stage at Wrigley in front of thousands or your own front porch—it doesn't matter—just be yourself fully, and that is enough…

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