Burglar's Attempt at Soul to Soul Falls Short

Burglar's Attempt at Soul to Soul Falls Short

Today on page six of the Chicago Tribune I read an article that at once made me smile while at the same time made me shake my head in sadness at some chosen human behavior.

A burglar robs a house in Skokie and as he does so, he profusely apologizes for his actions saying that he has been out of work for a long time and must house and feed his three children—in a twisted way showing compassion for the woman's loss and fear, but his actions clearly speaking louder than his words.

We always tell our children that no matter what career path they choose, the top priority is how they are being while working, rather than what they are actually doing.

So if they choose to work as a hairdresser, an engineer, a cook or a teacher, the telling question and subsequent answer surrounds WHO ARE YOU as you offer your highest potential to the world in your chosen profession.

In other words, the texture of what you offer ultimately has the greater impact. Are you kind, truthful, authentic, enthusiastic and conscious in your efforts and interactions?

Upon contemplating this particular story, I am reminded that all action stems from an interior belief system that on some level justifies it as right action according to the unique lens through which an individual views the world.

In this case, a man's desire to provide for his family trumped his belief that it is wrong to take from another what is not rightfully yours.

The Soul to Soul Perspective asks that we attempt to view life from multiple angles rather than from simply a black/white, either/or, right/wrong mentality.

I feel compassion for both parties here because I sense desperation in one individual and fear in another. I do not stand in judgment, but rather trust that natural consequences will play out in purposeful ways.

In other words, even if this man is never caught and punished by our judicial system, my life experiences and observations have lead me to the deep realization that heaven and hell are indeed inside jobs...

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