Amateur Photographer Nails Nature As Gateway

My husband Jim usually insists on bringing along the camera. As for me, I'm more of a Be in the moment/Don't wanna mess with the camera kinda gal, sometimes creating a wee bit of tension between us.

Gradually, I've come to accept that he actually enjoys photography and isn't hauling the camera around just to annoy me.

When all is said and done, I must admit that I enjoy the pictures, albeit usually just from a computer screen. But to know that they are indeed all there now as a revolving, beautiful screen saver, somehow makes us all feel good in an odd way.

The photos from this summer that attracted me most were all of the "Nature at Our Fingertips" shots taken during our family trip to northern Wisconsin. These creatures and sunsets and trees with which we share our world truly moved me, both in the moment and now in photo form.

We spend time in Wisconsin together every summer not only to share moments together as a family, but also to take the time to observe and feel our undeniable connection to the vast eternal source.

Nature is one of the largest gateways to do so and can be used by all to access inspiration, stillness and rapture that we all too often miss while tethered to the busyness of life. (Always wonder what we're all so busy actually doing and who we're all chatting with on our phones anyway.)

And yet, there it is before us, NATURE, an open doorway to greater freedom, peace and joy that mirrors our very core.

I mean, truly, who can't look into the eyes of an orange-bellied turtle and not feel an ounce of awe?

Who can't hear the call of a loon and not feel the call of their own soul more acutely?

Who can't dive into a pristine lake and not feel an elevated vibrancy (not to mention buoyancy)?

And finally, who can't witness a soaring eagle and not sense a slightly larger perspective?

I view the following photos as not only good memories, but also as great reminders to take the time each and every day in our own backyard to utilize nature as the perfect portal to bliss, expansion and gratitude.

No need to contemplate the secrets of the cosmology of life high on a mountaintop in solitude each day to access inspiration and truth, simply step outside anywhere and feel your way to a heightened experience.

I hope you enjoy these photos taken with love and patience by my husband.

This summer, I stopped rolling my eyes every time the camera came out and encouraged him to create... (Okay, not every time, but I really did try!)

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