The Week Between Christmas and New Years Eve

'Twas was the week between Christmas and New Years eve night

The boys were home from college. What a delight!

Spending my time with grown sons #1 and #2

was the best thing I imagine I could possibly do.

But Finally the vacation was ending, it was the last day of the year.

I thought we might have a quiet dinner, and maybe even some holiday cheer?

However the boys protested- This wasn’t their plan. Its New Years Eve Dad, Just be cool man.

Old friends and new were all back in in town.

A small group wanted to come over, they said, we can’t let them down

A long line of people came over that night.

It had been thirty years since I’d seen such a sight

The refrigerator was stocked with all kinds of beer

As I hoped that the police wouldn’t come here

The music was blasting. Is that really a song?

I thought to myself, as they set up beer pong.

My wife and I retired and locked the door to our room

When out on the lawn we heard such a loud boom

I sprang out of bed to see what was the matter

Just in time to see the crowd of college kids scatter

Next the Police arrived and surrounded the house

But no-one remained, not even a mouse

When what to my wondering eye should appear?

But a very angry cop looking at the empty keg of beer

His eyes were narrow and his look was quite scary

His face was bright red, his nose like a cherry

With one hand on his hip and another on his gun

He sneered at me as he asked “where is your son”?

With a wink of my eye and a twist of my head

I said officer I have no idea, I was in bed

He jerked as he turned to walk back to his car

And I knew that the group couldn’t have gotten too far

I watched as he drove slowly down the street

I said to myself I hope this is the last time we meet

Finally the boys came home- arriving a bit tardy

I lectured them both about never having another party

At school its ok. We all did that in collage. Just don’t bring it home I yelled- and waited for them to acknowledge.

The both nodded yes as they turned to walk away to the safety of their bedrooms on this early New Years day.

My feelings were mixed as I turned off the light

I missed them so much, but this just wasn’t right.

Its hard when they leave to school and you help them pack

The problem is that when they return they want to bring college back

So here’s my advice to friends far and near

When you kid’s home from college hide all the beer

Happy New Year

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