Trump's first week in office....

Trump's first week in office

Trump's first week in office

Repossessing Christmas

Repossessing Christmas
. 1978 turned out to be a pretty good year for Big Gun Bob’s Automobile Repossession business.  The slow economy and high unemployment had left many people in the windy city gasping for air.  The repo business thrived on car buyers who were suffocating on high interest rate car payments.  Three missed payments meant Big... Read more »
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Keys at Gunpoint

One of my favorite cars was my 1973 Buick Centurion.  It was basically a land yacht with a 455 engine and a convertible top.  I installed a kick ass stereo and always had my box of cassette tapes handy.  It was 1982 and I was one year out of high school.  Life was good. One... Read more »

Pirates and Rednecks

The longer I worked at MLA Towing the more I realized it was like having a job on a pirate ship.  The tow truck drivers were the pirates.  The cars they brought back to the lot were the booty.  The money that was charged to release the cars was the bounty.  The tow truck lot... Read more »

Big Gun Bob and his Towing Company- M.L.A. Towing

Big Gun Bob had just the right skill set for dangerous businesses.  He was tough and street smart and was always looking for a way to make a buck.  This is the story of his towing company MLA Towing.    It started out as mildly dangerous and highly profitable.  It had to end when it... Read more »

Big Gun Bob and the Bucktown Jewel Heist

 This is the story of Big Gun Bob getting me out of yet another jam.   This time I was living in a bad area with my girlfriend.  We hired some derelicts  to rehab my two flat.  Things went very very bad.  I needed help.  The cops couldn’t do anything and Big Gun Bob seemed past... Read more »

Play some Old Records and Feel Younger

Yesterday I bought a new record player. I haven’t played a record in over twenty five years. That was a marriage, four careers and three kids ago. I set it up and took out one of my old dusty favorites: Led Zeppelin 1. As I gently picked up the arm of the new player the... Read more »

A Diamond Ring for a Gyros Sandwich

  This is the story of how Big Gun Bob (My dad, Ex- Cop and Chicago tough guy) retrieved a lost diamond ring and got a Gyros as a reward. 1995 was a busy year for Big Gun Bob. Big Gun Bob loved a good chase.  In 1995 he was running his busy automobile repossession... Read more »

Big Gun Bob vs Jimmy the Greek

One of my first jobs was working as a gas station attendant at Texaco in Park Ridge. It was a great summer for me and my buddy Bob Bernacchi, that is, until they decided to not pay us. This is the story of Big Gun Bob getting Jimmy the Greek (owner of Texaco) to pay... Read more »