Caribou Closing a Buzz Kill

When you are caregiving for an elderly parent, the last person you ever think about giving a break to is yourself. That’s why the simple pleasures – like a daily latte served up with kindness and a friendly query: “How are you doing?” – matter so much. In the last six months especially, when my... Read more »

Caregivers Corps: Addressing the Urgent Caregiver Crisis

Anyone who is caring for a sick relative or friend – and that is 60 million Americans, knows why there is an urgent need to do something about the growing caregiver crisis. As a person who has had my aging parent’s doctors on speed dial and sleeps with the phone stashed under my pillow, I... Read more »

Life After Caregiving: Calling on Real-Life Leprechauns for Inspiration To Move On

Have you ever considered what life after caregiving will be like? I realized after my father died, and more recently after some complicated family dynamics changed the situation with my mother’s care, that all those responsibilities are suddenly gone. I never even imagined what life after caregiving would be like. The last six years were... Read more »

Caregiving InSPAration: Lessons from the Beauty Parlor on the Gift of Presence

My mom has been diagnosed with untreatable cancer now. And here I am, left with all the treks to doctors offices, GI labs, and two months at her bedside at two different hospitals. My caregiving efforts seem all for naught. For months, I’d leave my house in the morning, fortifying myself with a Caribou skim... Read more »

Yahoo Ban on Telecommuting a Blow to Caregivers

Since the news broke that Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer told several hundred employees they had to stop working from home or get out, there’s been a lot of uproar (understandably) from working moms everywhere. Certainly being yanked from telecommuting is a hot button issue for those of us – moms and dads, seeking a work/life... Read more »

A Caregiver’s Silver Lining

I was zipping along on the Kennedy Expressway recently, headed on to an important meeting in the city, and just getting into my “mom groove” with The Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack, when flashing lights off to the side of the road snared my attention. “Accident ahead,” the neon sign blasted. Suddenly traffic came to a... Read more »