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The Haiti stories: my name is Joseline

“Ok, time to go.” Uncle Albert was home. I can usually buy myself another hour by asking him about his day. Who he met? What type of business were his customers in? “Did they give you any stock tips? What did they say when you told them you own your cab? They must have been... Read more »

The Haiti stories: guest room

The Haiti stories: guest room
This story, unlike the other two in this series is fiction.  They sleep in separate bedrooms. Even here where the living space is smaller than the maid’s quarters in Haiti, they don’t share a room. Father picks up extra cash driving Uncle Albert’s cab from ten at night till four in the morning. Father works... Read more »

The Haiti stories - Home: returning to Haiti after 30 years

The Haiti stories - Home: returning to Haiti after 30 years
We were a little over an hour into our trip from Les Plaines to Jacmel when our driver suddenly shifted gears reducing our frantic speed to a lawful limit. As the youngest member of our traveling group “shotgun” was called for me. Consequently, the majority of my Easter Sunday was spent pinned to the passenger... Read more »
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