Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Rachel can’t wait to see her FWB (Friend with Benefits) on Friday.
There’s no better way to end a stressful week than their familiar script.  They grab dinner, she talks, Adrian listens, he talks, she’s actually interested, they make love, he goes home, he calls the next day, and they remain friends. Easy, comforting, dependable, this relationship works.

Lately, Rachel has wondered, can an Friends with Benefits become a boyfriend?

In her previously beneficial relationships, the guys flip the script, got tired of playing their role, and asks the final jeopardy question; “Why don’t we date?” Rachel quickly “un-friended” them.  Lesson learned. She thought it best to keep her friends close, and her F*&% Buddy (FB) close by so that when the need arises, she could phone a friend and get her needs met.

But she and Adrian are different.  Every time Rachel needs to recover from a love TKO (Total Knock Out) Adrian is there.  And she’s there for him whenever he realizes his girlfriend isn’t all that he hoped. They know everything about each other. Everything. She even told him about the time she… oops, would he want a girlfriend that…? They know everything about each other. He told her every detail of his trip to Brazil and the… Oh, he and his friends go to Brazil every year. Would he… if they were dating?


Now Rachel is wondering, can two friends be too close to date?

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