Acadia Restaurant- A Little Sexy in SoLo

Acadia Restaurant- A Little Sexy in SoLo

When I landed in Chicago after spending a month eating my way through Europe, I turned on my cell phone and was greeted by about a dozen text messages announcing
“There’s a great new restaurant on Wabash, Acadia.  Check it out.” I was disappointed by the last few restaurant openings in SoLo, (I won’t name names) so I wasn’t in a hurry to try another. Anyway, I had four (ok six) pounds of European goodness to shed before even thinking about going out to dinner.

My resolve quickly faded when I read that Acadia’s Executive chef/owner is Ryan McCaskey formerly of Rushmore.  My eating buddy Nancy and I often reminisce about our meals at Rushmore. “Ah, what’s another pound?” I thought. In the past two week, I’ve visited Acadia twice. The first time was for drinks with a date and the second was, dinner with friends.

The setting: Walking into Acadia Resturant, you immediately feel a little sexier. The décor is modern and comfortable, with a touch of swagger.

The cocktails:  Beverage Director Michael Simon(formerly of Graham Elliot) has created a provocative cocktail menu (try the cognac dream cycle). I was overjoyed to find an affordable cabernet sauvignon from Wala Wala Washington (Amavi Cellars $65) on his comprehensive wine list. Wines range from $9-15 and cocktails average $12.

The food: Acadia is a fine dining restaurant that offers good “haute comfort food.” The menu is creative but not unexpected. We sampled four appetizers and four entrees. Every dish was a delicious little work of art. The risotto appetizer from Yukon Gold potato and the black cod entrée were the most memorable. Appetizer prices range from $8-15 and entrées $22-32.

The staff: Friendly, professional and extremely adaptable.

1639 South Wabash (there’s no signage, so look for the valet).




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  • Today's New York Times columnist David Brooks echoes the emerging world of "solo living." He says you're the next wave. Hmmm...?

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    Jack, I'll take a look at the column. Hmmm is correct. I'm not sure what to make of it. What do you think?

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