Dear Doctor Oz, How Old is My Va-Jay-Jay?

Dear Doctor Oz, How Old is My Va-Jay-Jay?

A few months ago, The Dr. Oz Show asked, “What is the real age of your Vagina or Penis?” Readers, I promise you, I’m not making this up. The idea of real age versus chorological age was popularized by Dr. Michael Roizen, author of RealAge and co-author of the “You” book series with Dr. Oz. Just in case you haven’t followed this age redefining medical breakthrough; your chorological age is the number of years you have been alive and your real age refers to “the extent your body has aged.” So, according to Dr. Michael Roizen, a 33 year old obese smoker’s real age could be 45, 50 or even 60 depending on other bad habits. Are you with me?

Per usual, The Dr. Oz show took two unsuspecting audience members through a series of demonstratives that shows what happens to our sexual organs as we age.  The show and tell ended with the 39 year old wife and 41 year old husband learning on national television that her Va-jay-jay has a real age of 71 and his Wee-wee is actually 73 years old! Not cool Dr. Oz, this experiment really hit below the belt!

This couple had no clue that their sexual organs are old as F&*%!  I’m no doctor, but I saw their prognosis coming!  Until Dr. Oz’s public embarrassment, this couple would probably have checked the 45 to 50 box when asked, “What is the real age of your Vagina or Penis?” The pure shock on their faces made me think about psychological age (the age that we feel) and how often we are deceived by our own wishful thinking.

Dear Dr. Oz,

They say you are as young as you feel, and that how young you feel positively impacts your health. But how much does our psychological age impact the real age of our sexual organs? I am 39, and recently met a 57 year old man whose Doctor told him he has the heart of a 35 year old.  This older man tried to sway me to believe that every one of his body parts functions like that of a 35 year old man. Dr. Oz, can he really knock 22 years off of his penis through positive thinking? And if the answer is yes, how many years can I go back by starting a gratitude journal?

Eagerly awaiting your response,

Skeptica but Hopeful


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  • Starting the gratitude journal won't do it--it is sustaining the journal... and yes it depends on how much stress is aging you, but on average about 8 years younger by starting and sustaining the gratitude journal. Positive thinking alone won't do it unless you take action to make that positive thinking lead to healthier behaviors. At 57 your maximum age reduction is about 18 years younger . Young Dr Mike

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    Thank you Young Dr. Mike :)

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