South Loop Lofts: The Cost of Happiness


This recession has forced many of us to adjust our live styles to accommodate past economic mistakes. Coupons are common place, Fashionistas are now Recessionistas and my friends who are actually buying new homes are choosing to live below their means. Every day is an opportunity to start over, to right a wrong, to learn from our mistakes. But when it comes to choosing a new home how do you balance economics and emotions?

The lease on my fabulous South Loop Loft expires SOON.  All attempts to negotiate a rent reduction have failed. So about a month ago I called my realtor, Ken Baker , of Frankle & Giles ; Chicago South Loop's premiere realtors, to "see what's out there." My search took me to Old Town, Hyde Park, Ukranian Village, River East and back to the South Loop.  I've seen cheaper places, bigger apartment; a few made me do a double take, but none of these neighborhoods have South Loop's Swagger. Just in case you didn't know, swagger ain't cheap.  Have you ever broken up with someone, went on a dating spree and after date number 12, you realized, "Damn, my ex wasn't so bad after all."

Fortunately I haven't broken up with my south loop loft. I'm just flirting, going on a few dates, and making sure it's the one.  But as I'm looking and trying to adjust to these economic times, I can't help to wonder what percentage of your income do you allocate for happiness?


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  • Suze would be proud! "Live below your means, but within your needs." Suze Orman

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