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Three ways to de-stress this holiday season

Three ways to de-stress this holiday season
As a recovering say-yes-to-everything, do-all-the-traditions kind of person, these exercises have helped me prioritize during the holidays. I am very grateful for my friend, Melissa, who introduced them to me. Here are three ways to de-stress this holiday season:...

Six Christmas crafts when you (and your kid) suck at art

Marshmallow snowmen: Push two marshmallows on toothpick. Use tubed icing to make the face. Tie a lovely licorice scarf (or don't). Shove pretzel sticks into snowman's sides for arms. Pipe a dab of icing on his head and add the Hershey kiss.
If you suck at art like I do, but you feel obligated moved by the Christmas season, then these are the crafts for you. My three year old is good at a lot of things, but, like his mother, fine motor is not one of them. After getting the call from the pre-school teachers that we needed to practice, I begrudgingly started researching projects we could complete together. In the gallery below, you'll view my kolachkys (that sounds dirty) and five art projects. The crafts hail from this book by Annie Rigg and Catherine Woram. I struggle when removing Scotch tape from the roll, so believe me: you can do this...

Stop saying, "I'm busy"

As part of Abundant Mama's #BanBusy challenge, I'm sharing two previously written posts on the subject of "busyness." Please visit Abundant Mama and join the #BanBusy movement! Stop saying, "I'm busy." Just. Stop. This phrase always bothers me, but especially so around the holidays. I used to employ this phrase quite often. I am the Social Butterfly Mom, after all. Being busy is what I do. Then I started paying attention to how I felt when others said it to me. Et voila, wonder of wonders, I began to look at why and when I said it. Biggest observation: the "busiest" people rarely complain about being busy. They organize their time, get a lot done, and take it all in stride. Here's why I stopped, and why you should, too. It all comes back to #3...