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$12 care package for the mama-to-be

This $12 care package for the mama-to-be can apply to first time moms or a friend who is about to be mom for a second, third (or eighth) time. With the exception of the Starbucks gift card, all items hail from the Dollar Store. I created this care package with two intentions:
  • That it would be sent to mom around her 36th week. It's fun to receive a package in the mail, and these items are useful, but most likely won't be found on a registry list. 
  • That it would not be given to her at the baby shower. Mama-to-be is already a hot, pregnant mess at her shower. She doesn't need to be opening seven Dollar Store gems with an audience present. 
You can put your own personal twist on a mama-to-be care package. Check out the gallery below to see what seven gifts I chose. ...

$2 DIY sock puppets for dummies

What do you mean, you can't tell that it's Frog and Toad?!
You should know that if I'm posting a DIY project, it truly is DIY. I am quite craft-challenged. It's possible to use an old sock for a puppet without adding a darn thing. It has the same creepy funny effect. But, I'm going the extra two inches to demonstrate how to add the most important features on a puppet: mouth and eyes...

Five style staples for the stay-at-home mom: Summer Edition

Today, my friend Nikki, of Nikki Miner Makeup, is sharing her fashion expertise. Many of her staple items hail from super fancy stores such as Tar-jay and Le Kohl's. Let me vacuum up these Cheerios and Goldfish and roll out the red carpet for her!

If you want to hear from a mom who is perfectly put together, wears heels to the park, and styles her hair daily, you should stop reading now.

When I worked full time, I loved putting together fun color combinations and keeping up with the latest trends. I prided myself in looking good and taking fashion risks. My closet was full...REALLY full!

Since becoming a stay at home mom, many days I’m just trying to sneak in a shower. I find it really hard to look cute but still wear outfits that are practical for playing at the park, running errands, and rolling around on the floor, sword fighting with my son.

Check out the gallery to see what five “staples” have helped me feel good about the way I look, even if my two-year-old is the only one who sees me. ;)


Three tips for planning your summer vacation

Three tips for planning your summer vacation
This week, Mama Kat has prompted me to write about a memorable summer. I immediately knew which summer that was: 2009. Here are my top three tips for planning a summer vacation: 1) Plan a trip. 2) Host a party. 3) Sign up for a summer sport. Here' s why...

12 ideas for your summer bucket list

12 IDEAS FOR YOUR SUMMER BUCKET LIST: one for each week of this glorious season!
My husband's reaction to this post title: "Summer bucket list? You make it sound like summer is going to die." My reaction: "Have you forgotten January, February, and March?! Summer will die...eventually." Before you know it, you'll be sipping that pumpkin spice latte and weeping that wondering how it's Labor Day already. Take five minutes this Memorial Day weekend, and make your summer bucket list. Our family came up with 12 simple ideas. Check them out in the gallery below! What would you add to this list?...

One easy science activity for kids (and science-hating parents)

For this outdoor exploration, you need five items: notebook, pen, binoculars, magnifying glass (not shown), and camera (taking said photo).
You know when your Facebook friends post "I fucking love science" memes, and you think, "Me too!" Yeah, me neither.  The only thing I hate more than science is math. However, as a parent, I have to be open to all subjects, at least until my kid proclaims hatred for one on his own account. But science-hating parents: there is hope for us! That hope is called nature. I consider everything in nature to be science, so when we do outside activities, I feel as though I'm not completely ignoring that side of his brain. Taking the lead from a friend who suggested the site, Acorn Naturalist, we just completed our first outdoor exploration yesterday. My son will be three in July, but you can tailor an outdoor exploration to any age and any landscape (city, suburbs, etc).  ...

16 DIY Valentines for $10

Here's the finished product. I was definitely going for the made-by-a-2-year-old-look. 16 doilies from Dollar Store = $1.
In the below gallery, you'll find out how to make 16 Valentines for $10 total, postage included. Cost effective? Yes. Beautiful? Well.... Realize, before you view my DIY doilie Valentine, that I suck at art. With the exception of the pretzel costume, of course. I will never top the pretzel. It's all downhill from here. The point of the post is this: with a little Dollar Store magic and a few household items, you can warm the hearts of your family and friends with very DIY looking Valentines...

12 Costco items ideal for hosting and everyday life

12 Costco items ideal for hosting and everyday life
It's no secret: our family loves Costco and the items found therein. What started as an affair (I'm only going to Costco when hosting big parties- I swear, honey!) has turned into a weekly rendezvous. It was my turn to host our neighborhood book club this month. But how could I run out and buy apps and desserts with a toddler in sub zero temperatures? I looked no further than my own pantry and fridge to find... 12 Costco items ideal for hosting and everyday life:...

You're rude if you don't write thank-you notes

You're rude if you don't write thank-you notes
You're rude if you don't write thank-you notes. Nothing like an accusation to get you in the Christmas spirit, eh? But I'm sorry not sorry: it's rude to NOT write thank-you notes. Are you a huge A-hole if you don't? No. Of course not. But is it polite to NOT say "thank you?" Is it really that hard? Again: no. Of course not....

Kicking a French man's ass, one cookie at a time

Kicking a French man's ass, one cookie at a time
Every year, I've sent Christmas cookies into work with my husband. And they're gooood. No one has tried to upstage me as Susie-Homemaker-expert-amateur-baker...until now. Enter French man...