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The Star Wars scavenger hunt for the ultimate youngling fan

The Star Wars scavenger hunt for the ultimate youngling fan
A Star Wars birthday party sounds easy enough. Pinterest abounds with ideas on how to decorate and make cute signs for food such as HAN Burgers and HOTH Dogs. As a friend of mine pointed out, though, the kids don't care about that stuff. They want to munch on pizza, scarf down cake, but mostly play with their friends. Pizza? Check. Death Star cake? Check. Playing with pool noddle light sabers for a full 90 minutes...? That's just asking for trouble. When researching, I found a few activities, but I wanted a full fledged scavenger hunt that touched all seven episodes. I couldn't find one. So what's teacher mom to do? Create it herself. Click on the gallery to view the scavenger hunt, Jedi tunics, light sabers, Death Star cake, goody bags, and more...

DIY Star Wars bedroom for $150

DIY Star Wars bedroom for $150
We are one week away from “May the Fourth be with you” memes filling our Facebook feeds. Search your feelings: you know it to be true! I didn’t like Star Wars for the first 32 1/2 years of my life, but I’d still chuckle every May 4th when I’d view the catchy play on words.... Read more »

THE complete guide to must have fall basics for mom

Chase kids in your leggings and then top your basics with a military jacket and scarf to stay stylish and warm. My military jacket is my most used fall clothing item. It looks good over everything!
Nikki Miner Makeup is back with her Fall Fashion Formula and must have basics for the stay at home mom. Can you believe that this lady had a baby less than eight months ago?! Thank you to Nikki and to my readers who requested a fall fashion guide.  I’m so excited to be back and talking about fall fashion! Out of all of the seasons, I LOVE fall clothes the most! The layers, colors, and general cozy vibe are what get me excited for cool weather clothes. Getting dressed for fall weather is so easy, too! It comes down to a very simple equation. Follow it and you will create a great outfit every time!  FALL FASHION FORMULA: BASICS + COMPLETER PIECE + ACCESSORIES/SHOES = GREAT FALL OUTFIT...

What do I DO with these kids all summer?! Here's your answer.

What do I DO with these kids all summer?! Here's your answer.
What do I DO with these kids all summer?! Here's your answer: Plan, plan, plan.  Here are six ways to keep you and yours from going crazy:...

5 DIY Valentines that are sure to break hearts...but not the bank

PHOTO FRAME. Frame $1, Sweethearts $1, paint, glue, brushes. Total = $2. Use pink or mix red and white paints. After letting paint dry, dot Elmers on Sweethearts and glue on.
Check out the gallery below for 5 DIY Valentine’s. The most expensive one will cost you a whopping $2! Please LIKE Social Butterfly Mom on Facebook and subscribe below! Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any... Read more »

Six ways I've become more time efficient

Six ways I've become more time efficient
In the interest of this post's topic, let's cut right to it. While reviewing my six bullet points below, I realized that I was losing most of my time 1) on my phone AND 2) in the kitchen. Here are six ways I've become more time efficient......

Six Christmas crafts when you (and your kid) suck at art

Marshmallow snowmen: Push two marshmallows on toothpick. Use tubed icing to make the face. Tie a lovely licorice scarf (or don't). Shove pretzel sticks into snowman's sides for arms. Pipe a dab of icing on his head and add the Hershey kiss.
If you suck at art like I do, but you feel obligated moved by the Christmas season, then these are the crafts for you. My three year old is good at a lot of things, but, like his mother, fine motor is not one of them. After getting the call from the pre-school teachers that we needed to practice, I begrudgingly started researching projects we could complete together. In the gallery below, you'll view my kolachkys (that sounds dirty) and five art projects. The crafts hail from this book by Annie Rigg and Catherine Woram. I struggle when removing Scotch tape from the roll, so believe me: you can do this...

$12 care package for the mama-to-be

This $12 care package for the mama-to-be can apply to first time moms or a friend who is about to be mom for a second, third (or eighth) time. With the exception of the Starbucks gift card, all items hail from the Dollar Store. I created this care package with two intentions:
  • That it would be sent to mom around her 36th week. It's fun to receive a package in the mail, and these items are useful, but most likely won't be found on a registry list. 
  • That it would not be given to her at the baby shower. Mama-to-be is already a hot, pregnant mess at her shower. She doesn't need to be opening seven Dollar Store gems with an audience present. 
You can put your own personal twist on a mama-to-be care package. Check out the gallery below to see what seven gifts I chose. ...

$2 DIY sock puppets for dummies

What do you mean, you can't tell that it's Frog and Toad?!
You should know that if I'm posting a DIY project, it truly is DIY. I am quite craft-challenged. It's possible to use an old sock for a puppet without adding a darn thing. It has the same creepy funny effect. But, I'm going the extra two inches to demonstrate how to add the most important features on a puppet: mouth and eyes...

Five style staples for the stay-at-home mom: Summer Edition

Today, my friend Nikki, of Nikki Miner Makeup, is sharing her fashion expertise. Many of her staple items hail from super fancy stores such as Tar-jay and Le Kohl's. Let me vacuum up these Cheerios and Goldfish and roll out the red carpet for her!

If you want to hear from a mom who is perfectly put together, wears heels to the park, and styles her hair daily, you should stop reading now.

When I worked full time, I loved putting together fun color combinations and keeping up with the latest trends. I prided myself in looking good and taking fashion risks. My closet was full...REALLY full!

Since becoming a stay at home mom, many days I’m just trying to sneak in a shower. I find it really hard to look cute but still wear outfits that are practical for playing at the park, running errands, and rolling around on the floor, sword fighting with my son.

Check out the gallery to see what five “staples” have helped me feel good about the way I look, even if my two-year-old is the only one who sees me. ;)