Five summer #momfails

Five summer #momfails

Well, the longest summer ever is drawing to a close (three days to go)! Here's a recap of five summer #momfails, and what I can improve on next summer:

I did not prioritize working out. When my two oldest were in summer school (God bless it), I fit in several classes a week. But once there was no consistent schedule...I stopped being consistent. Improvement plan: I go to the Y every morning, and anyone at home is joining me. To only go some days produced the "Why do we have to go todaaaaayyyy?" whine, and like I need more excuses to NOT exercise...

I registered for a camp 25 minutes away. Translation = my kid had no friends at camp (and would he see them again, anyway?), and I had no parent with whom I could carpool. AND my younger two spent at least an hour in the car every day. Why did I do that, again?! Improvement plan: when registering for activities, make sure 1) it's within a 10 minute drive and/or B) a friend can carpool with you.

I overdid the 4th of July. I wanted to fit in ALL THE THINGS on July 4th, which we did...but I just ended up being cranky. When will I learn that saying "yes" to more stuff means saying "no" to a nap? And what's more patriotic than a nap in your hammock on the 4th of July? Improvement plan: take something out and replace with a nap.

I forgot when the summer reading program ended. This is, arguably, not a big deal. *But* I need to remember that, as a kid, it's fun to enter your name in the raffle every week. Stickers and little prizes from the library are something to look forward to. And the solution is oh, so easy. Improvement plan: umm...just set an alarm.

I fed my toddler an ice cream cone in the car. How is it that everyone else posts cute, albeit messy, photos of their kid slurping ice cream in the car? Does my youngest like ice cream? Yes. Did I think it would help to pass this time on a 300+ mile road trip? Yes. Did he cry while holding his ice cream, then throw it, then cry that he didn't have it anymore? Also, yes. Improvement plan: no ice cream in the car.

What are your #momfails from this summer? 

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