An 8 year old writes his first blog post

An 8 year old writes his first blog post

Hi! My name is Logan. I am eight years old. I am writing about what my mom and dad have taught me over the years. Most of my learning has been at home. The reason I think this is important is because I can be a better person. (Also, I did NOT want to write this, but my mom forced me to write it.)

Baking/cooking. My mom teaches me how to bake and cook. Usually, we cook meat. We look at it and flip all of it, and make sure the meat is browned. And then baking: my mom taught me about cups, teaspoons, tablespoons and other stuff. Nutella cookies are two cookies stacked on top of each other with Nutella in the middle and salt on top of them. Dirty Snowballs are Oreo's and white chocolate.

Big words. Most of the time, my mom tells me what they mean. In Harry Potter, there are big words. We have family meeting on Sundays, because it's the start of a new week. In family meeting, we also have big words. Learning big words is the easiest because my mom knows them, and she reads them and I hear them.

Sports. Me and my dad watch basketball a lot. My dad tells me how it works: about the three point line in basketball; in football that a touchdown equals six points and the extra point equals one (if you make it). My mom teaches me about running, because we run together and train before our runs. Running is in every sport. We start slow at the beginning and fast at the end.

Be thankful for what I have. I do "thankfuls" with my mom, my dad, my brother, Colin, and my brother, Finn. "Thankfuls" are when we remember over the day, and we say what we were thankful for that day. People also invite us to places that are fun, so we say, "Thank you for inviting us here."

To be clean. Me, Colin, my mom, and my dad keep the house clean by cleaning up toys, vacuuming, doing dishes (ugh...), and cleaning bathrooms. This is my least favorite because you have to clean and it's so boring. Me and my mom always wish for a Dishes Fairy, because we hate doing dishes.

How to set up for a party. If it's anyone's birthday (except my mom's), she'll put streamers up when the birthday boy is sleeping. My dad and my mom write cards, and my mom and Colin bake the cake. My family gets the gifts. My last birthday, when I turned eight, my baby brother, Finn, got me Captain Crunch cereal! When we have this party called Barndance, usually my mom gets ponies and animals, and I play soccer with my friends there. We have to clean up at the end. This is my favorite because once you put a lot of effort in, then you get a really fun party.

To be kind and polite. My mom and my dad tell me to say "please" and "thank you." If someone falls over, then I can help them up. I hold the door for people a lot. If someone old is trying to get in and they can't, then you should go help them.

To show up. Our family motto is "Gossers show up." We talk about it in family meeting. We show up to parties, play dates, school, and Cub Scouts. They make me sign up for stuff and then we go. "Show up" is the hardest because half the time, you have to show up to something you don't like.

Social Butterfly Mom here. My oldest turned eight years old this month. This post is based on the question, "What are eight things that your mom and dad have taught you?" 

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