I like the Cook County beverage tax, and here's why

I like the Cook County beverage tax, and here's why

Illinois is in debt and we need money. Sure: you didn't get us into this fiscal mess, and you like your fizzy drinks. Sure: you didn't get us into this mess, and you drink Coke instead of coffee. Sure: you didn't get us into this, and you consume diet beverages with zero sugar! If your argument is that it's unfair for the government to tax something you like, then I guess you're right. I just wish there was another way...

Oh, wait...It's not a required tax. Amazingly, there's a way to avoid these products: Stop. Buying. Them. (Gasp!) Like fizzy? Get a soda stream. Need caffeine? Switch to tea or coffee. Love diet beverages? There are still ones out there sans tax (just sampled some fizzy flavored coconut water at Costco, and that was a huge selling point). This leads me to point #3.

These beverages are not necessities. We are fortunate to live in a country where we have clean running tap water (in most areas). Even if you partake in fizzy, caffeinated, diet beverages, they are full of fake crap, and THEY ARE NOT HEALTHY. Are they fun? Yes. Satisfying? Of course. Delicious? You bet. But they're not good for us, and we don't NEED them. They are a splurge, and should be treated as such.

Prior to the tax, how much did you spend on these beverages? I know that if I go out to lunch once a week and order a Diet Coke, it costs me around $3. Over the course of a year, that's $144 on a once-a-week indulgence. Even as I type this, I realize how dumb that is. I could use that on other frivolous things like nights out, or practical things like groceries.

Is it really worth it?

And more importantly, is it truly worth complaining about? We're already in the financial mess, and this is one way the government chose to deal with it. If you don't like it, then make a cheaper, healthier choice. Or don't. But please, find something more worthwhile to be outraged about. (#hurricanes #racism #trump)

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