Ten reflections from ten days with a newborn

Ten reflections from ten days with a newborn

Our family welcomed Baby Boy #2 on October 18th! Here are ten reflections from the first ten days with our lil' man:

1) You feel all warm and fuzzy. No, seriously: newborns radiate heat, and chances are that they're also wrapped in a blanket. Says my husband on a daily basis, "This kid is about 1,000 degrees." And yes: the figurative warm fuzzies are there, too.

2) You become Quasimodo. That's right. It seems that you are always hunched over for something: feeding, changing diapers, soothing and snuggling. And you thought sitting at your computer was bad. Pfff.

3) You will never eat this well again. Ever. Friends, family, neighbors, and church/temple members are constantly bringing food. They either bring you their specialty or amazing comfort cuisine (usually accompanied by a naughty dessert). My husband and I both agree that the meals, alone, are reason enough to have another kid.

4) Your home is in constant disarray. Even if it's clean, it will feel cluttered with all the new stuff that society feels is necessary for a cute, seven pound blob. The game of hide and seek is a constant, as you put something down to calm a screaming baby, then can't remember its whereabouts.

5) You and your spouse will utter funny sentences while half asleep in the middle of the night. You should probably take note of these and read them the next morning for a good laugh.

6) You are forced to slow down. Whether breast or bottle feeding, this peanut needs to eat, on average, eight times a day. It is probably the most peaceful time you will spend with your newborn. Who isn't happy after a good meal, right?

7) You will take forever to get anywhere, or to get anything done. Just embrace it now.

8) Your budget will look awesome! People are cooking for you, and you don't have time or energy to go out and spend money. (I suggest putting these savings into your first-date-post-baby or first-night/weekend-away fund.)

9) You will be initiated into the tribe of parenthood and mother/fatherhood. It's a good place to be. No topic is off limits, and you find that you discuss poop. A lot. And yes, you will be THAT person over sharing pictures of your child on Facebook.

10) You never knew your heart could be this full.


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