$12 care package for the mama-to-be

This $12 care package for the mama-to-be can apply to first time moms or a friend who is about to be mom for a second, third (or eighth) time. With the exception of the Starbucks gift card, all items hail from the Dollar Store.

I created this care package with two intentions:

  • That it would be sent to mom around her 36th week. It's fun to receive a package in the mail, and these items are useful, but most likely won't be found on a registry list. 
  • That it would not be given to her at the baby shower. Mama-to-be is already a hot, pregnant mess at her shower. She doesn't need to be opening seven Dollar Store gems with an audience present. 

You can put your own personal twist on a mama-to-be care package. Check out the gallery below to see what seven gifts I chose. 

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