There is nothing wrong with buying all of your kid's birthday presents at a garage sale

My kid turned three years old this week. All of the gifts I bought him, with one exception, were purchased at garage sales.

Yeah, I know new stuff is nice and shiny. Yeah, my kid is only three. Yeah, sometimes, garage sale items don't last. But neither do all store bought gifts.

If you're looking to be budget friendly, gently-used is the way to go. If you're striving to be more "green," second hand is just that: it's recycling. Plus, think of all the packaging you avoid!

Check out the gallery below. You'll see why #2 and #10 earned me "Mom of the Year" in the category of gift giving and "Wife of the Year" in the category of budget savvy. Grand total cost = $49.

And remember what sayeth the wise Macklemore: "One man's trash, that's another man's come up." 

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