A gun's purpose is to harm. Period.

A gun's purpose is to harm. Period.

A gun's purpose is to harm. Period.

Shields were invented to protect. Fortresses were constructed to protect. Bullet-proof vests and glass are manufactured to protect.

A gun's purpose is NOT to protect. Period.

In order for a gun to protect, it has to inflict harm, or threaten harm. Without that harm, there is no protection.

"But guns are inanimate objects!"

I'm not denying that, although I see plenty wrong with that weak argument.

"But a policeman's motto is 'To Serve and Protect.' They do that with a gun. Everyone has a right to protect himself!"

True on the first part; false on the second. I gladly pay my taxes so that law enforcement can do its job. Gun owners who have little to no training, walking around with firearms, under the pretext of "protecting their fellow citizens?" Thanks. But no thanks.

"But take away the Second Amendment, and what right will they take away next?"

The right to bear arms has cost many innocents their lives. I don't view it as an important right to protect, when it infringes upon other's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's rather hard to pursue any of that when you're six feet under.

We all have freedom of speech, but a student can't write "Nigger" on a chalkboard, or walk around with a swastika sewn to his backpack. Why? Because it infringes on another's right to feel safe.

Words and symbols cause harm, but "guns save lives!"

Wrong. So very wrong.

Gun lovers: I don't write this post to convince you that my view is right. There is 1% chance of that happening. Just realize that there is also a 1% chance of you convincing me otherwise.

A gun's purpose is to harm. Period.

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