Four things I say about moms that you're going to hate

Four things I say about moms that you're going to hate

Last week, I was interviewed by CCTV on the rise of stay-at-home moms (SAHMs). The article and video is here, and I make my T.V. debut at about 1:40.

While the entire interview didn't make it into the clip because it's not all about me, apparently, here are four things I say about moms that you're going to hate: 

1) Any mom (or dad) CAN stay at home. With regard to my middle class, two parent audience, I firmly believe that one parent can stay home. It's not for me to decide whether you should or whether you want to, but it is possible.

2) Moms: if you do stay at home, your daughters may not want to. Both of my grandmothers stayed home with their families of five and seven children, respectively. It was just what you did in the '50's and '60's. There is no more "That's just what you do." My mom chose to work after having children, and I did not follow in her footsteps. Perhaps, my daughter will not follow in mine. Trends often skip a generation. Will it be the same with child-rearing?

3) SAHMs have a harder time reentering the work force. The CCTV piece speaks to this near the end of the interviews. It should come as no shock to moms, or anyone leaving the work force, that you may be a bit rusty when you want to return. While I'm not arguing with facts, I will say this: if I were still teaching, I never would have started blogging.

Call it what you want: a hobby, a waste of time, even. But I've developed skills that I didn't have before (writing skills, tech skills, etc). I've read about best parenting practices and have been able to immediately implement them. I've learned some serious couponing, how to cut out unnecessary spending, and best feed my family on a tight budget. I've created a new network of colleagues in my second workplace. The thought of not being the Social Butterfly Mom leaves me feeling empty. Nor can I imagine losing my identity as a teacher. Now, I have both. Oh yeah...and that whole role as "mommy."

4) SAHMs sip chardonnay in yoga pants, and working moms are just plain selfish. Too bad this soundbite didn't make it into the video. Blatant sarcasm really helps your cause, don't you think?

Do you agree? Disagree? Want to bite off my head? That's cool. You wouldn't be the first.

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