The Donald Sterling situation needs a hero

The Donald Sterling situation needs a hero

My husband's knickerbockers have been in a bunch over the Donald Sterling situation...but not in the way you would think. Read his guest post to see why.

In life, some people are leaders; some people are followers. And most people like to bitch all the time.

The last few days I've been getting a bit riled up, but probably not in the same ways that you've been hearing from others. I'm getting tired of hearing people talk about what others should do in response to Sterling's comments. The equal rights movement isn't where it is today because of the suggestions of people who were safe from enemy fire, but because of those who got in the trenches and fought for what they believe in.

Let me be very clear: The remarks that were released this week are absolutely despicable. He should be removed from the NBA (he will). He should lose all his sponsorship (under way). This should forever tarnish his reputation (uh, check). But I think we need to stop short of tying him to the town hall and beating the guy to death. He is an ignorant asshole, but no crime has been committed.

At some point we need to all find a way to learn from the Donald Sterling situation, rather than tar and feather one person. We need to fight the collective urge to bury this human and move on to the more important issue at hand: Making sure that today's 75-year-olds don't feel this way about Blacks in 2019, and that my 3-year-old son doesn't say something this ignorant in 2091.

Many people have offered bold suggestions. Warriors Coach Mark Jackson suggested that Clippers fans should boycott game 5 in LA, while, of course, altering nothing about his team's home game two nights before. Jalen Rose of ESPN suggested that the Clippers should sit out in protest. I'm sure he felt passionate about this story, but he also got lots of traffic on articles/interviews/podcasts.

Then, there's Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

Rivers suggested he may quit on his contract after this season. Walking away from $14 million is no small thing. Perhaps all the fans in section 107 will have a charity bonfire party with their season tickets. Perhaps a player will decide he doesn't want to play for that owner, although I certainly wouldn't fault them if they did.  At some point, someone will put his foot down and sacrifice himself to let the world know this isn't to be tolerated. It won't be me. I'll probably stay safe from harms way, like the rest of you.

Is Doc Rivers our hero? Only time will tell how this will unfold. I just hope that when this person steps forward, we work to praise him as feverishly as we have worked to cut down an ignorant 80-year-old man. I guess sometimes people just love the villain.

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