Ten tips to avoid divorce when registering for baby

Ten tips to avoid divorce when registering for baby

If you thought your wedding registry was daunting: make way for bébé. Chances are, you've seen strainers, coffee makers, and toasters before, but have no idea the difference between the myriad of car seats and warehouse-sized wall of strollers that you are about to encounter.

Are you wanting of list of WHAT to register for? This is not the post for you. But here's a comprehensive list by Rookie Moms.

However, if you're wanting to know HOW to go about registering, then this is the post for you. Here are 10 tips to avoid divorce when registering for baby:


1) Choose 1-2 stores at which to register. I think that Buy Buy Baby is the best. Babies 'R Us is okay, and Target's section is small, and therefore not as overwhelming.

2) Print store's registry list and scour it at home. Print lists from mom girlfriends and compare. Note what your friends say that you *truly* need.

3) Prioritize the big items: stroller, car seat travel system, crib, rocker, monitor, etc. You'd be surprised how much other stuff can wait besides diapers, but those aren't all that fun. 

4) Map out the baby's room. Do you already have furniture that you can use? Are you receiving any hand-me-downs? It's amazing what you can get for cheap if you just ask friends, or your dear friend, Craig's List. I registered for and bought zero pieces of furniture from the store.

REGISTERING DAY with the *hubby:

5) Do it all in one day. Two-three hours of registering + break for lunch + two-three more hours. You certainly don't have to do this, but I had a better chance of getting my husband to go if I said we only had to go once. It's very easy to take stuff off of your registry from your computer at home, so register for more than you think you need.

REGISTERING DAY with mom, sister, or friend:

6) Do it all in one day, or shop with different people for different items. For your first trip, you want to go with someone who has recently been a mom. Our own mothers mean well, but it's been a good two decades since most of them had a newborn. With your female companion, take your time choosing sheets, blankets, towels, MINIMAL cute outfits, and all the nursing/feeding equipment (bottles, pump, etc).

7) Buy a SNOOGLE! This is the one item I will plug, because it won't be on any list you receive. It's a pregnancy pillow that's shaped like a comma, and it's the best $50 you'll ever spend. You know how everyone keeps telling you, "Get your sleep now!" And you're so uncomfortable that you can't? Well, Snoogle up, because now, you can.


8) Go home, watch movie, and DON'T look at your list. This is especially important if you've gone shopping with your hubby. Don't mull over what you did and didn't register for. Put your feet up, sip a faux-jito (Sprite with mint and lime), and even let him choose the flick.

9) A day or two later, look at your list. Remove any items that you deem unimportant.

10) Make a final decision on your big ticket items. If your hubby didn't go with you the first time, bring him to the store for things like car seat, stroller, pack 'n play, high chair. Obviously, you will have narrowed it down to two or three choices.

As you may have noticed, a lot of this preparation and research falls on mom. You don't need to baby your hubby (pun intended) when it comes to registering, but you know your man. Anticipate what could make him miserable that would end up making you both miserable.

Consider it the start of the parent partnership, and divide and conquer: "I'll choose from the 500 cribs, and you put the crib together."

A big thanks to my pregnant girlfriends, who basically drafted this post (unknowingly) through recent emails. :)

* Hubby = your partner or spouse (regardless if you're gay or straight)

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