Question for you, Arizona: Are you a complete idiot?

Question for you, Arizona: Are you a complete idiot?
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Question for you, Arizona: Are you a complete idiot?

And when I say, "Arizona," I'm referring to Governor Jan Brewer and all of those legislators in favor of this bigot-loving, business-killing bill that has passed.

Let's take a look at your plan, shall we?

Your "best case" scenario is that this bill becomes law. Business owners who have strong religious beliefs can deny service to potential customers, based on sexual orientation. How long do you really think this law will last? You know that the NY Daily News has referred to you as dinosaurs, correct?

Continuing your "best case" scenario, the law lasts and businesses refuse to serve gay* people. Said businesses willingly exclude customers. What do I know; I'm just a leftist French major with a Masters in Education...but doesn't this seem like a flawed business plan? I mean, more people welcome means more revenue. Fewer people welcome means less revenue. Those competitors that you're trying to beat, they welcome the gays. You, bigot business owners, just hand delivered customers to them. Am I missing something?

Ah...but you don't need dirty gay money? For one thing, I'm sure it's pristine as can be; perhaps even adorned with glitter. Let me get this straight, since Straights are the only people you want to serve: Small business owners want to exclude gays. If you're talking two dudes, then you're potentially excluding two bread winning, heads of household who earn a male (vs. female) paycheck. Who do you envision makes more money that a gay male couple?

Gay tourists feel unwelcome in your state, and therefore, don't visit. High fives and fist bumps all around: you win! You eradicated homosexuality! Except that you didn't. You're like that kid in school that misbehaves and ruins the fun for the whole class. "Boys and girls, we were going to all get lollipops, but Jan says that blue raspberry is an unnatural flavor and makes her very uncomfortable."

Arizona: the one place where Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria employees are smarter than the state's legislators.

*Gay refers to the entire LGBT community.

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