WHY would you bring a baby to Alinea?

WHY would you bring a baby to Alinea?

As the Social Butterfly Mom, it's my job to encourage parents to get out of the house, stay active, and keep up their social life.

But I don't get this one.

$210-265 PER PERSON, not including drinks.

1) There is no way in hell I'm spending that much money on a meal.

B)* If I was, there would be NO WAY in hell that I'd be bringing my kid with me.

So I ask: Why would you bring a baby to Alinea? Let's explore some arguments:

Our kid is really well behaved. Yeah- yours and everyone else's.

No matter how well behaved she is, the fact is that Alinea's clientele is not used to 8 month olds. I wouldn't want dagger eyes coming at me from all directions, but maybe that enhances your foie gras.

We couldn't find a babysitter/Our babysitter canceled. If your sitter canceled: my apologies. It sucks when that happens.

But remember: you're paying TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS MINIMUM for your experience. I'm sure if you called Alinea and explained the situation, they would accommodate you, rather than accommodate you and Junior.

If you "couldn't find" a babysitter, start looking earlier next time.

We want her to experience new things. I totally get that.

May I suggest one of the other hundreds of restaurants in our fine city of Chicago? Plus, don't YOU want to fully enjoy the Alinea experience? You deserve an adult night out, and this is as adult as it gets. She can experience Alinea later. It's your turn now.

Parents should be able to bring their baby anywhere. I just can't get on board with this one.

The reality is that some locations have certain clientele expectations. Alinea is one of those places.

I'm truly curious: WHY would you bring a baby to an Alinea-esque place? Bueller? Anyone???

* I realize that I wrote 1) and B). Math has never been my strong suit.

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