Top 6 reasons to commit to a hobby RIGHT NOW

Top 6 reasons to commit to a hobby RIGHT NOW

Below are my top 6 reasons to commit to a hobby RIGHT NOW. My number one hobby is rehearsing and performing with The Chicago Red Line. If you like inappropriate, adult humor coupled with impressive musical talent, then check out our show this Friday or Saturday.

1) Exercise your mind and/or body. Being that The Chicago Red Line is akin to an R rated version of "Glee," we sing and dance. Reading music is a struggle for me, but I remind myself that it's a good brain workout. Then, I just twerk it out when we're learning choreography, and it's all good.

2) Enjoy a constant stress release. We rehearse weekly for three hours. Although it's my favorite hobby with my besties, sometimes I don't feel like going. But I'm always rejuvenated after I've talked and laughed at with my friends.

3) Give yourself purpose. As a stay-at-home mom, I love my kid, but I need something outside of him. The Chicago Red Line allows me to wear different "hats." You know, like fedoras.

4) Spend (adult) time with friends. Even before I had Junior, this group was a great adult outlet. Many of us are teachers, so the non-kid-friendly content is very satisfying to perform. Swear, twerk, gay joke, rinse, repeat.

5) Step outside your comfort zone. In our group, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. While dissonant chords are like trying to find our notes in a haystack for some, others trip over their own two feet while pas de bourree-ing. It's humbling to be bad at things sometimes.

6) Achieve a new goal. "Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow" will be our 14th show in five years. Always having a performance to work towards is a true motivator. These theatrical finales are mini life celebrations that we share with our friends and family. However, the real finale is dominating the karaoke bar after the last show, but that's neither here nor there.

So, go commit to a hobby RIGHT NOW. Or at least, get your tickets for The Chicago Red Line's show here.


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