10 Tips: Girls' weekend getaway on a budget

10 Tips: Girls' weekend getaway on a budget
Tip #11: Send back your cold halibut and get free dessert!

Looking to plan a girls' weekend getaway or group vacation, but you're on a budget? Social Butterfly Mom to the rescue! I just returned from a weekend in Nashville, complete with seven girlfriends, redneck zombies, twerking skills, and an array of inside jokes.

Here are 10 tips for planning a girls' weekend getaway on a budget:

1) Book your hotel more than two weeks in advance. Unless you like hotels with weird smells that happen to be kitty corner to strip clubs.

2) Drive instead of fly. Consider the road trip an eight hour coffee date with your BFF. But know that some routes don't offer Starbucks, and that your question of "Who do I have to blow around here to get a chocolate croissant?!" might just go unanswered.

3) Plan your meals. You may be away from your kids for the weekend, but that doesn't mean your palette has to be. There's no shame in PB&J as a meal, snack, or late night feeding. And be frugal: one nice meal out is plenty.

4) Be smart about your beverage choice. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, drinking stolen "leftover" pina coladas instead of lite beer could incur extra expenses on your tab, and/or extra headaches the next morning.

5) Stay out so late that you sleep through a meal. So, your biological-parental clock has you up at 7am. Eat breakfast, and give in to the urge to nap when everyone goes out to lunch. Or, sleep until 11am BECAUSE YOU CAN, DAMN IT!

6) Take advantage of specials. Two for one mimosas? Don't mind if I do.

7) Forego Starbucks for terrible hotel coffee. Hey, it might taste like your Grandma's Folgers, but it will probably save you $15-20 over the course of the weekend.

8) Split meals. Who are you kidding? You're a 30-year-old mom and bought pleather pants from Forever 21 for the weekend's festivities? Split a burger and fries three ways. Financial + feeling fat problems = solved.

9) Invite someone to be sober sister. Maybe a pregnant friend is attending the trip, or an old high school pal is meeting up later. Nothing says, "I appreciate you" like asking them to stay out - sober- until 3am, and THEN drive you home.

10) Be honest with your priorities. If you don't give a shit about the Country Music Hall of Fame, save the $15 for a cheesy souvenir t-shirt for your toddler.

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