Toddler haircuts and other bad parenting decisions

Toddler haircuts and other bad parenting decisions

After talking to my aunt who raised four boys and saved an estimated $5000 on haircuts, I too, decided to cut Logan's hair myself. I mean, everything's on YouTube, right? How hard could it be?

Well...maybe it's not hard. But, according to my friends and family, it is for me:

"Did he get gum in his hair that you had to cut out?"

"Oh no! Did he cut his own hair?!"

"So, you're just going to buzz it all off, right?"

"Well, you sure didn't get your grandfather's barber skills. I'll pay for his birthday haircut."

Thanks on that last one, Mom.

The purpose of this post is not a pity party for yours truly. If you say it looks fine, then you're 1) a liar and 2) not heeding the next bit of parenting wisdom I'm about to bestow.


Whatever decision you make, regarding your children, relationship with spouse, and family, just OWN IT.

I assumed the first haircut would be bad. Most likely the first five. I'm not sure exactly when I'll raise the white flag of surrender, but it sure ain't going to be after the first try.

We went through this with cloth diapers:

"Ew, I can't believe you're doing that!"

"So you have to put POOP in your washing machine?!"

"It's not any greener than disposable because of all the water it takes to wash them."

"You'll stick the baby with a safety pin!"

Whoa, Dad. Cloth diapers have come a long way since 1983.

My response: "We're going to try. Our plan is to give the poopy, Earth-hating, danger diapers a month and see how we're doing."

Twenty months and $1000 savings later, we're happily rinsing off the poop.

Parenting is a relative art. It's the most diversified profession with which I've ever been involved. Whatever decision you make, just OWN IT.

Whether you heed my advice to CIO and sleep train, or decide to sleep with your kid until Kindergarten, just OWN IT.

Whether you take that pacifier away at three months or three years, just OWN IT.

Whether you present your kid with an iPhone at five or 15, just OWN IT.

People are going to criticize any and every parenting choice you make. You may not be fine with that, but c'est la vie, mes amis. If you truly believe in a choice you've made, you won't feel the need to justify it to others.

Chances are, if you're constantly making up excuses or validating why you're doing something, you, yourself, don't believe in that particular parenting decision.

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