Nike Training Club and the Y: Cheap ways to exercise

"Just do it!" Working out is so much easier said than done, no matter if you're a parent or not. For those of us who don't love to sweat, (aka: normal people), it's an even bigger pill to swallow to pay for a gym membership when we hate going to said gym.

Well, hold on to your yoga pants (that you've never actually used for yoga), because here are some cheap, quick ways to exercise:

Nike Training Club. For Chicago north siders, this is literally right up your alley. Located at 833 W. Armitage, it appears to be just a storefront, but also boasts a fitness studio upstairs. I went to a class today with my friend, and let's just say that if we had balls, they'd be very SHweaty. Lots of running, jumping, lunges, squats, pushups, crunches. You're right, it's horrible, but it has the desired effect. Did I mention it's FREE? No, I didn't. Oh yeah, it's FREE!! Just make sure to sign up on line ahead of time.

Nike Training Club App. If a babysitter is no where in sight, fear not. Nike has also created a smart phone app. I've used this during many an afternoon nap in the comfort of my own home. Ok, let's be honest: I was pretty uncomfortable and sore by the end of the workout. One of the reasons I really like the app is that there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. I could probably even do this with lil' man in the room, if only he didn't reach for my phone every five seconds to look at pictures of himself. Narcissist.

YMCA. Who knew that this was more than just an obnoxious song at middle school dances?! We chose the Y for three main reasons:

  • Amenities: pool, gym, track, cardio, weights, classes (yoga, Spin, etc)
  • Price: $75 for the family, including 10 free hours of childcare per month
  • Location: I must be close to the gym, or I'll just use location as an excuse.

How do you exercise (cheaply)? Dead lifts with your kid count!

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